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Crucifix "too horrific" for churchgoers

A church in West Sussex has removed a large crucifix on the grounds that it was "a horrifying depiction of pain and suffering" which was also "putting people off". St. John's Church in Broadbridge Heath will replace the sculpture of a suffering Christ on the cross with an appropriately sanitised and inoffensive depiction of the ancient Roman torture/execution implement rendered in stainless steel, much like an Ikea saucepan.

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Posted by: oneproudfascist Thu Jan 8 16:25:11 2009

This article comes as no surprise given the effeteness of the aesthetic and meaning of the age we live in, its corollary socio-political discourse (post-modernism/Mac users who turn the product into a lifestyle types etc) typify an equally bankrupt intellectual and commercial ideology-cum-ethics. It's unfortunate to see a religion rooted in the blood mythos and ethos of salvation and redemption reduced to an uninspired, sterile steel smooth cross devoid of substance. Modernism is to blame. The people who represent the class of consent to these kinds of things are scum.

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