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Cars pile up

A photo gallery of masses of unsold cars around the world, building up in parking lots, docks and racetracks as the economic crisis bites. These images have a sort of Koyaanisqatsi-esque beauty to them.

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Avonmouth looks usually quiet there This is what it looked like in October, although I wasn't trying to capture the cars at the time:

Posted by: Greg Fri Jan 23 21:45:35 2009

Looks uncannily like high-density housing, or a freeway at rush hour.

Posted by: Greg Sun Jan 25 22:39:20 2009

There's such equivocality in these images. For a lot of people, in the short term, they are bad news. For the planet, in the long term, they are good news. You can see the "growth vs sustainability" debate in them. Sorry I am feeling poetic.