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Austin, Texas: live music mecca

Jamie Zawinski went to SXSW, and reports that Austin, Texas has a music scene second to none:
Austin is a pretty amazing city. The density of music venues is like nothing I've ever seen. I know we're here during a gigantic music festival, but this infrastructure doesn't just go away. I wonder what it's like at other times of year. Even though the music part of the festival hasn't even begun yet, the nightlife is just crazy. We've hardly been to a bar or club that didn't have a capacity of almost a thousand, and they have all been divided up and laid out in totally sensible ways.
Right now I am looking at a street sign - a municipal street sign, presumably suported by an ordinance and everything - that says "Restricted lane, musician loading and unloading". I am not making this up!
San Francisco: You got served.
By Texas.

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Posted by: ctime Wed Mar 18 22:27:12 2009

Dear Austin: You're still in Texas. SF>AUSTIN>TEXAS

I'm in favor of moving Austin brick by brick out of that god forsaken state. I drove from PHX to Austin last month and it was brutal (West Texas is a shit hole). True story though, Austin is the shit! Bars are huge, the music and arts scene really is tops. The Alamo theater is awesome. Everywhere in Austin is great. It really is a unique place right now, not too overran with hipsters, most of the big city stuff (except trader joes, which is why I could never live there, amongst the other obivous reason). Lots of big haired women though. Very friendly people, at least I thought. Got picked up on by women left and right at the bars, boy I wish that happened here more often.

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