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Le député de Londres, Royaume-Uni

France's National Assembly may soon have representatives for foreign locales with large French populations, such as London, as well as Germany, Switzerland, the USA and the Middle East. The plan was floated by France's right-wing president Nicolas Sarkozy. The French Socialist Party, however, claims that the move is just a gerrymander, and that studies show that French expatriates lean politically to the right.

It will be interesting to see if any other countries follow this idea. I imagine the Australian parliament could create a few electorates that way (one in London and one in Dubai, at least, with perhaps smaller seats representing agglomerations of Berlin, Tokyo and so on). If one thinks cynically of the gerrymandering aspect of this, it could profit the US Democrats to try this, given the fabled liberal leanings of Americans with passports.

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Posted by: Greg Mon Apr 20 22:31:55 2009

Does Italy do something like this?

Posted by: mark Tue Apr 21 02:31:22 2009

If ex-pats start receiving representation in Parliament, it raises the interesting question about taxation --- do ex-pats pay taxes? I should remember, but don't. If you don't contribute, but still get a say in the way our tax dollars are spent ...

Posted by: acb Tue Apr 21 07:59:15 2009

Only a few countries require their expatriates to pay their taxes; the USA is the most notable among them.

However, expatriates of most countries do get to vote; it's just that they don't get special electorates.

Posted by: Greg Tue Apr 21 13:38:29 2009

Do any countries restrict the vote to tax-payers?

Posted by: acb Tue Apr 21 22:47:10 2009

Theoretically, the US. Though from what I've heard, they don't make much of an effort to track down expatriates and get tax money out of them.

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