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Lost cosmonauts

The Fortean Times has an article looking at the story of Russia's lost cosmonauts. The story goes that, before Yuri Gagarin was successfully launched into space, the USSR sent several earlier cosmonauts up there, without success. The men (and one woman) perished, and the USSR, more concerned with collective prestige than individual human lives, obliterated all record of them from the historical record. Or almost all record; two boys in Italy managed to record their transmissions, in which they gasped for breath, complained of heat and cursed the designers of their spacecraft. The boys apparently managed to avoid being assassinated by the KGB solely by having gotten too much publicity.

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Posted by: Leviathan Mon May 4 15:31:21 2009

The ghosts of cosmonaughts are a well-documented facet of supernatural space travel. Refer code: Soul Gun Project.

Posted by: ctime Mon May 4 17:41:45 2009

really interesting. this will be a hollywood movie in 5-10 tops. surprised it isn't already..

also, they were able to pickup and decode whatever video footage tech was being used then, my guess is it was slow scan tv (