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TicketWeb are bastards, don't buy from them

Your humble correspondent saw Of Montreal in London last week. For what it's worth, they were as good as always, and photos are here.

I'm not sure if they were quite good enough to have paid twice for seeing them, though, which is what I ended up doing after my ticket didn't show up. I had ordered it, along with a ticket to another show in the future (Animal Collective on the 20th of August) from TicketWeb a week earlier, and until that morning, nothing arrived. I went to work as usual, and when I returned, I found an envelope waiting for me, though, upon opening it, discovered that it contained only the tickets for the show in August.

I went to the venue, explaining my situation, and asking if they had a ticket for me or my name on a list; they didn't, and told me to ring TicketWeb. I did, and found that their customer service line was closed for the night. So I ended up buying another ticket at the door, in the hope of getting a refund for my unused ticket when it turned up.

The ticket arrived in the mail yesterday, a whole six days late. Today, I rang TicketWeb, explaining my situation, and asking whether I could get a refund. They said that no; apparently, the onus is on the consumer to report that the ticket hadn't shown up before close of business on the day of the event. Which leaves me some £18 out of pocket.

Any other industry would be sufficiently concerned about its customer relations to throw a bone to the customer and issue a refund in good faith. (I offered to mail them the unused ticket as proof that I hadn't sold it on or anything.) Major event ticket agencies, however, are a corrupt oligopoly and, like all corrupt oligopolies, are quite happy to tell the customer to go screw themselves. After all, you play by their rules, however skewed and arbitrary they are, or it's no Beyonce for you.

Anyway, I have had enough, and I will never do business with TicketWeb or their parent company TicketMaster again. Even if this means not seeing any gig larger than would fit in the room above a pub, though thankfully, it does not come down to this. (There are more reputable ticket agencies selling tickets for a lot of events; We Got Tickets is one, and then there is the possibility of buying directly from venues.) Of course, not doing business with the TicketBastard probably means no LiveNation corporate-indie mega-events, but I can live with that. Anyway, if you're looking to buy a ticket to a gig, I urge you to avoid the thieving bastards at TicketMaster/TicketWeb.

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Posted by: Chris Tue Jul 21 14:02:51 2009

Hear, Hear! I feel the same about Ticketmaster and their ridiculous method of selling the customer random tickets to shows. I found that there are many other companies with web sites that are faster, more friendly, and actually let you know ahead of time what seats they have available, not to mention handy seating charts for reference. They usually cost a bit more, but the difference is more than worth the lack of abuse.

Posted by: ctime Tue Jul 21 16:47:47 2009

Those dodgy wankers. Not to mention all the random taxes and surcharges they fail to mention until you're just about clicking the submit button to pay for the already overpriced tickets. Nice work on getting AC tickets though, I've been privileged enough to see them a few times here, they are one of my favorite bands, next I hope to catch them in NY at the ATP festival in September. I'll be sure to avoid ticketmaster when purchasing any further tickets from now on (I prefer to sneak in and hide in the rafters if at all possible)

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