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Smart tossing

The latest craze among the yobs of Amsterdam: Smart tossing.
The so-called ‘Smart tossing’ takes place mainly during the weekend, when many youths are out for a night on the town.
Alongside most canals a low guard rail helps prevent cars from taking a dip, but the Smart car is small enough to be lifted and tossed.

There are 2 comments on "Smart tossing":

Posted by: Fazal Majid Tue Jul 28 00:05:34 2009

Many canals in Amsterdam don't have guard rails. Those that do were installed by insurance companies who were fed up of having to pay claims on cars that ended up in the canal when someone else needed the parking spot and just pushed them off. More often than not, the cars in the drink would have German license plates...

Posted by: acb Tue Jul 28 09:36:11 2009

Is there much antipathy toward Germans in Amsterdam?

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