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Rough Trade Indiepop 09

Rough Trade are releasing another indiepop compilation. Unlike the previous one, this one is not so much C86/Sarah/Postcard classics as music from the recent wave of indiepop. It's predominantly Swedish and British, though the recent wave of neo-C86 bands from New York (has anyone called this NYC86 yet?) is represented, as are bands from further afield (the Philippines' contribution is the excellent Moscow Olympics).

(Oddly enough, there is no Antipodean presence there; would it have killed them to put a Motifs song in?)

The compilation is comes out on the 9th of November; you can pre-order it here.

There are 3 comments on "Rough Trade Indiepop 09":

Posted by: Greg Sat Oct 17 22:06:34 2009

That raises an interesting point - what is the status of Australian indie from the English/US point of view? I'd have thought we were stalwart contributors both currently and historically. Do we 'rate' along with Sweden and other 'indies abroad'?

Posted by: acb Sun Oct 18 02:06:51 2009

From here, not really. As far as indiepop goes, Sweden probably leads, or at least is neck and neck with the UK. Australia, well, people know of the Go-Betweens, and a few years ago, hipsters were getting down to Architecture In Helsinki, but the current scene is largely unknown (the Motifs have some fans among the twee pop kids, but that's as far as it gets).

Posted by: cos Sun Oct 18 03:14:51 2009

Minisnap got in (.nz) though given that they're 3/4 of The Bats, they don't quite fit in the "recent wave" thing...

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