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The Postmodernism Generator for iPhone

And now, interrupting regular (or even irregular) blogging to introduce a side-project I have recently been working on: The Postmodernism Generator for iPhone. This is an iPhone port of the venerable Postmodernism Generator, which has been around the web, in various forms, for a decade and a half. The iPhone edition runs on the same engine, albeit slightly extended and cleaned up (aside: stopping a 15-year-old command-line C program from leaking memory enough to run acceptably on a phone involves considerable work), with some improvements (you can adjust the target length of essays and, optionally, use surnames from your address book in authors' names). Additionally, the grammar has been updated somewhat, with new content (for example, it now knows about Lady Gaga, Slavoj Žižek and Quentin Tarantino films made after Jackie Brown); these changes will be ported to the web-based version shortly.

The Postmodernism Generator for iPhone is available from the App Store, here. It's priced at the lowest price point (US$0.99/£0.59/0,79€/AUD1.29), which gets you a virtually infinite cornucopia of dense verbiage at your command, with or without a network connection, for amusement, befuddlement or plagiarism*.

Note: The Null Device does not encourage the use of the Postmodernism Generator for plagiarism.

There are 3 comments on "The Postmodernism Generator for iPhone":

Posted by: datakid Thu Jul 8 02:03:21 2010

Sweet. I'm in. first essay off the rank:

"Concensuses of Defining characteristic: Žižekian contradiction in the works of Gaga"

(note, I think that Consensuses is spelt wrong)

Posted by: acb Thu Jul 8 02:43:14 2010

Thanks; I'll fix it in the next release. (Which will happen when I get something else out of the way, and will also have native-resolution iPad support.)

Posted by: Johnfromm Thu Aug 18 10:17:47 2011

This is a must see! A language student tricked into seriously reviewing a generated pomo essay. "Testing The Postmodernism Generator on a language student" (the review starts after 2 minutes)

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