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Spoiler alerts for public transport

Some culture-jammers in New York have affixed official-looking "Spoiler Alert" signs to LED train attival signs in the subway.
Their rationale is that the recently installed signs erode faith in the system, create false hopes, erase the "mystery and magic" of the Subway and "threaten historical social behaviors, rendering obsolete the time-honored New York tradition of leaning over the platform edge with the hope of glimpsing headlights from an approaching train".

There are 3 comments on "Spoiler alerts for public transport":

Posted by: Greg Thu Aug 26 12:03:58 2010

The joke works better without the rationale.

Posted by: acb Thu Aug 26 17:18:49 2010

The rationale's absurd enough that it adds to the surreal implausibility of the whole exercise.

Posted by: unixdj Thu Aug 26 21:50:31 2010

Reminds me of this:

(I was positive I've seen a mention of it in this blog, but google search shows nothing.)

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