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The Cardiff Sulkathon

A Welsh artist is recruiting people to stand outside Cardiff City Hall looking miserable tomorrow from 1pm to 2pm. Barrie Davies intends the "sulkathon" to "capture the mood of the moment".

There are 2 comments on "The Cardiff Sulkathon":

Posted by: Thomas Hobbes Fri Aug 27 10:34:34 2010

By Art is created that great LEVIA-THON called a COMMON-WEALTH, or STATE, (in latine CIVITAS) which is but an Artificiall Man; though of greater stature and strength than the Naturall, for whose protection and defence it was intended; and in which, the Soveraignty is an Artificiall Soul, as giving life and motion to the whole body.

Posted by: Greg Sat Aug 28 11:32:45 2010

There must be an artist installing this at my local train station every weekday at 8am.

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