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Killing hipsters

Charles Bronson in "Killing Hipsters"; or, if you saw someone today who looked like a mugger or back-alley lowlife from 1970s New York, they'd probably be a trust fund kid who runs a DJ night and makes video projections for bands.

Also killing hipsters: Jhonen Vasquez, the author of the 1990s comic Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (the one underground comic broadly associated with the goth subculture which wasn't cringeworthy). Now he has turned his murderous attention from the darklings to those of the American Apparel persuasion, in this music video for a band named The Left Rights. It starts off pretty stereotypically, but keep watching.

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Posted by: datakid Sun Dec 5 22:36:54 2010

I've never heard of Jhonen Vasquez before and now my workmate has told me I should watch Invader Zim with the kids...and LO! written by Jhonen Vasquez

Posted by: datakid Mon Dec 6 12:20:33 2010

I'm unsure if it's the first 30 secs or the section 1:57-2:25 that make this film clip compelling. It's probably the combination of the two. New Waver couldn't cover it!

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