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China to overtake USA in science

A study by the Royal Society claims that China is on track to overtake the US in scientific output by 2013. The USA's lead in Creation Science, however, is expected to be safe.

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Posted by: Greg Wed Mar 30 10:49:04 2011

The metric used was "number of paper published". If the results of research are being published, I wonder if it matters where the research was done? Everyone gets the benefit, just by reading the results.

(A few commenters on TFA pointed out that quantity of papers != quality of research. They may be right. It's possible even that quantity of papers != quantity of research ...)

Posted by: unixdj Fri Apr 1 01:12:36 2011

It may not matter where any particular research is done, but it matters how much research you do.

And both equations in parentheses are probably true.

Posted by: Mon Apr 4 08:14:51 2011