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The ending of the age of endarkenment?

The Beatles may have helped bring down the USSR, but in the West, they helped usher in an age of endarkenment by making mysticism fashionable and opening the door to an assortment of crackpots and frauds, according to debunker of “alternative medicine” and miscellaneous quackery, Professor David Colquhoun:
At the same time, he hopes that the "fashion for irrationality", which he dates back to the Beatles going to India "when flower power stopped being fun and started being mystical bollocks", may be fading. His abiding hero is Bertrand Russell, and he laces his conversation with favourite quotes, including Russell's maxim that "it is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatever for supposing it true".
Professor Colquhoun has a blog, DC's Improbable Science, in which he debunks things from tabloid cancer scares to alternative therapies; see, for example, his Guide to Magic Medicine, which is handed out to medical students when discussing alternative medicine.

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Posted by: Pouria Mon Apr 22 01:07:10 2013

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Posted by: Who is Tanya Headon Mon Apr 22 07:52:23 2013

For more on this topic, see "From Tavistock to Woodstock" by C.S. Lewis and Lyndon LaRouche.

Posted by: Greg Mon Apr 22 14:03:08 2013

Ironically the Beatles gave up on mumbo-jumbo pretty quickly (some members more than others), but California didn't seem to notice. There's none on their last two albums nor any of the solo albums except Harrison's.