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Australian Senate Preference Navigator 2013

Continuing on from the previous post about Australian Senate how-to-vote cards and who really is preference-swapping buddies with whom, I have spent some time playing around with the D3 web-based data visualisation library, and have managed to build an interactive visualisation of the Senate voting sheets (and, more specifically, the various parties' affinities for each other).

As such, I present to you: the Australian Senate Preference Navigator:

It requires a reasonably modern browser (or at least one with SVG support).

There are 2 comments on "Australian Senate Preference Navigator 2013":

Posted by: Greg Thu Aug 29 13:04:33 2013

Since you've mapped the parties to a plane, what do the X and Y dimensions mean? Is there a "left-right" thing?

Posted by: acb Fri Aug 30 14:58:53 2013

No; it's a force-directed graph, meaning that the only metric is how close nodes are to each other, which is calculated from how highly they preference each other. The graph is also draggable, making any sort of left-right alignment impractical.