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Crocodile tears for Charlie

A massive rally in the defence of free speech and in solidarity against Islamist terrorism has taken place in Paris, with the crowds estimated between 1.5 and 2 million in number, more than turned out when Paris was liberated from the Nazis. The rally has also attracted leaders from around the world, including various dictators, autocrats and authoritarians, uniting in Paris to say Je Suis Charlie, before going back to supervise their torturers giving some recalcitrant journalists a going over, or just to rush in sweeping mass-surveillance powers (which are unlikely to have helped catch terrorists the intelligence services already had on their watch lists).

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world:

Finally, it appears that the noble French tradition of freedom of offensive speech only applies to offensive speech punching outwards.

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Posted by: Michael S. Sun Jan 18 10:56:16 2015

Looks like Monsieur R was actually acquitted.

Just came across this New Yorker piece, which goes some way toward explaining why France treats seemingly similar provocative acts differently: