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And in heritage rock news: archaeologists from York University have unearthed a fragment of Britain's cultural heritage: graffiti on the wall of a London flat shared by members of The Sex Pistols in the 1970s, including drawings believed to have been made by John Lydon:

"This is an important site, historically and archaeologically, for the material and evidence it contains. But should we retain it for the benefit of this and future generations?" they ask in a study of the drawings for Antiquity magazine.
I wonder what Lydon (who's surely not even dead yet) makes of being the subject of archaeological interest.

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Archaeologists have found remnants of the world's oldest pornographic statue, dating back about 7,200 years, in Saxony. Pornographic statues? I imagine that, not having printing presses or JPEG files, that's what they had to make do with. Still, it could be somewhat harder to hide under the mattress.

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