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When two professors were murdered recently at Dartmouth University, the police followed a number of leads whilst looking for the killer. One of the leads was a disgruntled former dishwasher named Ludwig Poehlmann, better known as Archimedes Plutonium, author of numerous Usenet rants about his revolutionary religioscientific theories.

''It was (Hanover Police Chief Nick) Giaccone's impression that Plutonium, although a very odd individual, was not associated with the murders ... and that no further investigation was required into Plutonium,'' a police report states.

Sounds a bit Lynchian, wouldn't you say?

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Tomorrow, it will be XXX-Day (sort of like X-Day, only with fewer UFOs and more bootywhang). It will also be alternative physics visionary Archimedes Plutonium's 50th birthday.

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