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Trading standards officers have warned the manufacturer of Welsh Dragon sausages that they could face prosecution because the sausages contain no dragon meat. The sausages, named after the national emblem of Wales, will now be named Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages.

Jon Carthew, 45, who makes the sausages, said yesterday that he had not received any complaints about the absence of real dragon meat. He said: "I don't think any of our customers believe that we use dragon meat in our sausages. We use the word because the dragon is synonymous with Wales."
I suspect that the only reason that British Lion Quality Eggs are not obliged to trade as "British Lion Chicken Eggs" is because more people know that lions don't lay eggs than know that dragons aren't farmed for sausage meat.

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Police hunt "dinosaur" in Papua New Guinea, after sightings of the mysterious creature. It was described as 3 metres tall, grey, with a head like a dog, a tail like a crocodile, and was "as fat as a 900-litre water tank". It was reported to have eaten three dogs. Maybe it's a bunyip that got lost?

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Children in a nursery in Weston-super-Mare were shocked to see a three-headed, six-legged frog.

All the creature's eyes and legs appear to function normally, but it is not known whether it eats using all three of its mouths.

Unfortunately, not much more is known about this amphibian Cerberus, which eluded its captors and hopped away as nursery staff were showing it to curious parents.

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Residents of Lewisham, a suburb of London, claim to have sighted a feral kangaroo around the area. In one case, the kangaroo is alleged to have kicked a pet dog. The authorities have yet been unable to catch the errant marsupial. (I wonder whether it is an actual kangaroo (that's a large beastie capable of disembowelling a man with its fearsome claws), or rather a wallaby (a smaller cousin of the kangaroo).)

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