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Your Humble Narrator spent this New Year's Eve at the Cue Bar, seeing Dandelion Wine and The Beautiful Few (who combine sardonic social commentary with an Australian New Wave aesthetic, like some cross between Pulp and The Models). All in all, a fairly typical NYE.

On the way back, walking up Brunswick St., I realised that Fitzroy has turned into Prahran; everywhere I went, I could hear the muscular thump of house music. Mind you, we're probably behind the curve here; in Prahran, they're probably into more fashionable things than house music, like NME '70s-Revival Rock or daggy 1980s top-40 hits or cunnilingus-themed rap songs or something.

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Ah yes; I will be DJing this Friday night at the Dandelion Wine benefit gig, at the Cue Bar on Brunswick St. What to expect: indie, shoegazer, post-punk, a bit of electronica and a few weird things thrown in for good measure. Anyway, it's for a good cause (Dandelion Wine's airfare to some music festival or other in Romania).

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3RRR just played Dandelion Wine's cover of Slowdive's Melon Yellow. Very nice. I like the new electronic-beats-and-dulcimer format.

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Eclectic local (Melbourne) band Dandelion Wine are looking for a bass player. ("Must be committed to recording and touring; no hobbyists or stoners. Must be interested in touring overseas.") If you fit the description, let them know.

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Tonight was a good night; I went to Pony, to see a number of bands play. First up was Midstate Orange (a project of Tim from Lacto-Ovo), who were good (perhaps a bit Cure-inspired in places, almost shoegazer in others, and they did one song which was best described as Northern Soul with Casios). Then Lacto-Ovo came on, and did a great set, playing various album and non-album tracks; people started dancing at this stage. Finally, an act named Winterville played; they consisted of 2 guitars, drums and a double bass, featured Michelle formerly of Ninetynine in their lineup, and sounded a bit Dirty Three-inspired.

I met a number of people I knew there; Peter from FourPlay was down from Sydney, and Nick and Naomi from Dandelion Wine also came along. A bit later, I ran into Cameron from Ninetynine, and talked with him a bit. Apparently, Ninetynine have signed a distribution deal with News Corp. "indie" subsidiary Trifekta (though retaining their own copyrights and creative control, so they won't end up being turned into the next George), and at the end of the month depart for some 3 months' touring overseas.

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I went to see Dandelion Wine's Eat Your Brain this evening. It was pretty impressive; the band improvised, jamming to elements chosen partly by the audience, and doing a great job of it. There were a number of guest artists who performed as the band played; two puppeteers in suits dug up a homunculus from under a pile of newspapers and animated it climbing about, comedians the Fake McCoys recited Poe's The Raven over an upbeat jazz number, and another chap danced like a maniac with a rubber glove over his head (inflated, no less). All in all, an entertaining evening.

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Backtracking a bit, on Saturday, I went to see Dandelion Wine, a local band, at the Continental. The show was the launch of their album, Tunguska Butterfly, and was pretty doovy, with Naomi's lovely æthereal vocals skilfully complemented by various guitar-like instruments. They're well worth seeing if you get the chance.

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