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Life sucks, doesn't it? Well, it does if you're the poor shmuck known as DotComGuy. A year ago, he volunteered in a brave, noble experiment in the realms of human... um, OK, a daft publicity stunt. He changed his name to DotComGuy and endeavoured to spend the entire year 2000 confined to his home, interacting with the world only through the Internet; his valiant quest was sponsored by a number of Internet startups, who said they'd pay him US$100,000 if he successfully completed his quest. A year later, he's flat broke, not to mention horribly out of shape from subsisting on ordered-in pizza and saddled with an embarrassingly stupid legal name, Meanwhile, his sponsors have been wiped out by the dot-com bust, so it doesn't look like he'll be seeing that $100K. But not everything is hopeless for our hero; he is reportedly happily in love, and about to get married -- to a woman he has never seen in real life.

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