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While Ken Livingstone prepares to slap punitive charges on oversized SUVs and gloats over the drop in SUV sales, Westminster City Council has installed free recharging stations for electric cars and bicycles. These are devices that look like parking meters, and are located in Covent Garden (where London's first hydrogen fuel cell bus also goes). Both parking and electricity are free (albeit there's a 3 hour limit), so in addition to not having to pay the congestion charge, you get your fuel paid for by the council. Assuming that someone else with an electric vehicle hasn't gotten there before you.

I suspect that free charging stations won't last after electric cars become more popular; after all, someone has to pay the bill. I guess there's sustainability and then there's sustainability.

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DaimlerChrysler have announced an all-electric version of their Smart microcar:

DCX claims the vehicle will cost one-third as much as the petrol version to fuel, has the same 0-60 acceleration, and when fully charged will have a maximum range of 68 miles. The batteries are underneath the vehicle, and the electric motor is in the rear.
The Smarts will be (initially, at least) available only on lease, and are being launched in November in the UK.

(I'm not sure which I'd rather have: an electric Smart or a hybrid Vespa. In London (not the sort of city that encourages car ownership), probably the Vespa.)

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