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The Oldie is a British satirical magazine formed in the wake of Punch going all trendy and yoof-oriented. As you can imagine, it went for exactly the opposite approach. Marketing itself at the old-at-heart, it's cantankerous, self-consciously old-fashioned and scornful of youth culture and superficiality. You can imagine Morrissey reading The Oldie. And it has outlived Punch -- twice, at that. and now it's on the web. And here is what it has to say about the Hello Kitty phenomenon.

The sickly sweet shockwaves of kawaii are being felt everywhere. When Panasonic were launching a new state-of-the-art portable e-mail device with built-in camera, they thought that the most important design consideration would be how many pixels the screen could display. They were wrong. After consulting their focus groups, it turned out that what they should be concentrating their efforts on was making it a cute colour, with a keyboard that did not chip girls fingernails.

(via Metafilter)

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