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The Automatic Mix Tape Generator is a service which makes mix tapes to order; you send in a style, emotion, mood, event or other constraint, and the robot (or, actually, a contributor) sends you back a track listing. It's sort of like the USENET Oracle for record geeks. And the site contains recently made mixtapes, with briefs like "Songs That I Would Listen To If I Were A Scientist In An Underwater Laboratory Somewhere Off The Coast Of Antarctica" (which, as you'd expect, contains Radiohead, Sigur Rós and GY!BE), "Music For Someone Who Wishes They Could See All The Stars At Night From The Middle Of The City", as well as universals like "Songs To Get Over Me To", "Songs For Someone Blocked By A Friend On IM For No Reason" and "Less Indie Rock, Dammit". (via FmH)

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As far as the question of giving ratings to records goes, IndiePages has an interesting alternative to the rating out of 5; they call it the Mix Tape Quotient.

So, here's the deal: every record is rated on its Mix Tape Quotient, or MTQ. This is the number of songs worthy of repeated listenings on that album. For example, a great 3-song 7" would get 3/3 or a hit-and-miss 12-song cd would get 7/12.

An interesting approach, though I'm not sure of how useful it is; some discs worth it for just a handful of brilliant tracks. (One example I could think of could be Slowdive's Pygmalion; as a totality it works splendidly, though there are only 3 or 4 at most tracks I'd choose on their own from it*). And one brilliant track could beat 7 passably good tracks.

And there's the question of what threshold you set for something being on a mix tape; does it have to really stand out, or just be good? Is it bad form to put more than N tracks by one artist on a mix tape (or CD)? (A number of years ago, I was in the habit of putting way too much Paradise Motel on my mix tapes; one or two I made contained about half of Some Deaths Take Forever, interleaved with other stuff. I try to avoid this sort of thing these days, though the last one I made did have several Field Mice-related tracks on it.)

* in case you're wondering, Rutti, Crazy For You, Blue Skied An' Clear and possibly J's Heaven; though the others do a good job of filling out the whole.

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