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To commemorate the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Google have released Google Moon, a Google Maps for the moon. It's not searchable, and has only six locations in it (i.e., the six moon landings); when you zoom right in, however, it reveals the true composition of the Moon.

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The peace dividends are coming quickly; there are now plans to bomb the moon with "bunker buster" missiles just in case Saddam's hiding there to liberate reserves of water stored in buried reserves of ice. Hey, if it works for oil, why not water?

Which all reminds me of how the US Air Force planned to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon during the late 1950s, just to show them Russkies who's boss.

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For some time, astronomers have noticed strange glows on the Moon's surface; now one astronomer has proof that something is happening. His theory is escaping gases from inside the Moon. (BBC News)

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