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Good stuff: The BBC are experimenting with streaming programmes in the Ogg Vorbis format, an open-source, completely free format available on virtually all platforms (and not encumbered by licensing agreements, patents or other proprietarian evils); what's more, the Ogg developers have taken a stand against the copy-prevention trend. The BBC appear to be the first major broadcaster to use this format. Use it (and if you do, write in to let them know you do) before Bill Gates has a word with Tony Blair and it gets squashed by a directive from on high. (As happened with non-Microsoft systems in most parts of Britain's government.)

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While I'm mentioning Slashdot, they have a piece on Ogg Vorbis, the upcoming free MP3 alternative, by its author Christopher Montgomery. The possibilities of behind-the-scenes machinations by Fraunhofer and the RIAA to forcibly upgrade everyone to encrypted SDMI systems are also eye-opening, in a paranoid way. Wonder whether Vorbis will achieve sufficient momentum and visibility to make it hard to "disappear".

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