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The Architecture In Helsinki marketing juggernaut is gearing up to promote their upcoming releases; MP3 blog Stereogum now has an electro-dance remix of their latest single, Heart It Races; this dispenses with the reggaetonisms of the original (could it be that AIH read ILX last year as well?) and sounds much as you'd expect something titled the Pink Skull remix to sound: hard-edged and hyper-fashionable. Expect to hear this playing in the coolest boutiques in Prahran.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is letting the public remix Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. Remixes have to be a maximum of 2 1/2 minutes long, may be in any style (such as "classical, dj, world, mash up"), and are due in on the 21st of August. This contest is open to Canadian residents only, though there doesn't seem to be anything prohibiting non-Canadians from downloading the original audio file, remixing it and not entering the contest.

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Penguin (the publishers) are having an audiobook remix contest (Flash required, unfortunately). They provide a few samples from 30 audiobooks (including Alice In Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Kerouac's On the Road, several James Bond novels and the most recent Nick Hornby) for downloading, and allow participants to upload their entries, where they will be made available for streaming. The handful of entries presently uploaded vary from quite decent ("Spot's Urban Dub Mix") to boring arrangements of loops with samples spread over the top. Unfortunately, though, it's only open to UK residents.

Hmmm... I can imagine a few approaches that could work... the Dracula samples could lend themselves to Dr. Mabuse-style euro-synthpop (or, obviously, anything describable as "goth"), Casino Royale could work with a sleazy cocktail lounge sound, and Moby Dick could be done with crackly blues loops and a Korg M1 synth preset.

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Keith Urquhart's remixes of the last Ninetynine album are online in convenient MP3 format. Check them out. (The Kinetic Factory one is my favourite; and the Cleaner one is also pretty interesting.) (via Rocknerd)

Update: There now appear to be MP3s on the Ninetynine website; also worth checking out. You haven't lived until you've heard Wöekenender.

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A rather unusual object fell into my hands today: an unreleased album of electronica remixes of the last Ninetynine album. They vary from plausible dance mixes to some quite interesting experimental IDM (think somewhere between Björk and the FourPlay remix album from a few years back). A full review will be posted shortly has been posted here.

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