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The latest craze among the yobs of Amsterdam: Smart tossing.

The so-called ‘Smart tossing’ takes place mainly during the weekend, when many youths are out for a night on the town.
Alongside most canals a low guard rail helps prevent cars from taking a dip, but the Smart car is small enough to be lifted and tossed.

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Making shameless copies of well-known foreign gadgets has been big in China; now, a Chinese company has taken it to a new scale, with an electric Smart car knockoff. The "CMEC City Smart" looks almost indistinguishable from DaimlerChrysler's petrol-powered microcar, has an electric motor, gets up to 55kph/34mph (less than half of the Smart's top speed), and, unless DaimlerChrysler can do something about it, will go on sale in Europe next year for €4,200.

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DaimlerChrysler have announced an all-electric version of their Smart microcar:

DCX claims the vehicle will cost one-third as much as the petrol version to fuel, has the same 0-60 acceleration, and when fully charged will have a maximum range of 68 miles. The batteries are underneath the vehicle, and the electric motor is in the rear.
The Smarts will be (initially, at least) available only on lease, and are being launched in November in the UK.

(I'm not sure which I'd rather have: an electric Smart or a hybrid Vespa. In London (not the sort of city that encourages car ownership), probably the Vespa.)

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Drivers of Smarts and other small cars now have another indignity to worry about; now it's not just car-tipping hooligans and carelessly-driven Hummers, but now safari-park lions consider the ickle cars to be prey.

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Smart car tipping is the new cow tipping, with hooligans having realised that the cute little cars are really easy to tip over, and that, among certain sections of the community, there is little sympathy for the smug rich people who drive them.

Hmmm... London's full of Smarts. I wonder how long until the chavs/grime thugs graduate from "happy slapping" to Smart tipping. Perhaps we'll see an article/rant about how cool and hardcore tipping over those annoying yuppie cars is in the next issue of Vice?

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Wired has a piece about the Smart car, the European microcar which is half the length of a regular car, seats 2, has plastic panels which are interchangeable like mobile-phone fascias, has a Bluetooth-enabled dashboard which cooperates with mobile phones, is apparently remarkably safe in collisions for its size and gets better mileage than the Toyota Prius hybrid car. Smarts will soon go on sale in the US, and Americans (whose love affair with huge cars is legendary) seem to be taking to them better than expected. Though even if they don't, the company is planning a miniature SUV for the US market.

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