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Former member of 90s heroin-pop band Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan joins New Order. Temporarily, mind you; he's filling in for Gillian while she takes care of her ill daughter. And in other news, the next New Order album has been announced: the title is "Get Ready", and it's due out on August 27.

(OK, so "Get Ready" it's not quite as enigmatic as "Movement" or "Low-Life"; let's hope it's not all e'd up dance anthems and Top 40 fodder. Actually, that thought reminds me of the worst version of Blue Monday I ever heard; yes, even worse than Orgy's kiddie-goth take on it. It was by an outfit named Exposed, and was pure commercial dance. The vocals were done in the usual commercial-dance girly-house style, with lots of "whooh!"s interpolated: "How, does it feeel, when you treeat me lahk you do. when you've laid your hands upon me, and told me who you are, whoo-ooh-ooh!". I believe Sydney wideboy Pee Wee Ferris was behind this cultural atrocity.)

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Smashing Peanuts, or the story of heroin-pop band Smashing Pumpkins told as a Charlie Brown comic strip. Amusing even if you don't own a single Smashing Pumpkins CD.

"And there was, across this country in the late 80s, bad pop music like Milli Vanilli. And lo, an angel of indie appeared before the mainstream and said unto them, fear not: for behold, I bring to you tidings of great joy, which shall be marketed to all people: alternative rock!"

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