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The Age speaks with Stuart Murdoch:

It was a fragile beast with mixed abilities; there were tensions between Murdoch and the other writers in the group. There was also a relationship between him and cellist/vocalist Isobel Campbell, which ended acrimoniously three years ago.

I didn't know that; though it explains things. I think Belle & Sebastian probably came out with the better end of the deal; Isobel Campbell's first post-Gentle Waves album seemed quite forgettable.

As bizarre as it seems when hip-hop rules the charts, manufactured pop rules the TV and angry white boys rule the radio, you can be fey, melodic and practically demanding to be beaten up by sexually repressed bullies and still exist. Such a revelation might be worth a celebratory drink. But not for Murdoch. "I like a Scotch whiskey but I'm allergic to alcohol, would you believe, which is a tragedy in itself," Murdoch says.

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The Onion interviews Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian:

Q: O: What made you want to be an airline pilot?
SM: It's the kind of random job when you're that age. You never really seem to get beyond being a fireman or a policeman or an airline pilot, that sort of thing. One of the three. Actually, I don't like flying, so now it seems kind of funny to me. It would be one of my least favorite jobs now. Still, I would much rather be flying the plane than the steward. I mean, if I'm going to die, I'd rather have a hand in my own death.
O: A Hard Day's Night is on the list of your favorite films. If someone were to make a film about a day in the life of Belle And Sebastian, what would it be like?
SM: I think it'd be really boring. I'm not sure anybody would want to see it. It'd be a lot of us sitting around talking.

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