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Wikipedia category of the day; featuring articles on things like the Cave Clan, perennial joke candidate Murgatroyd, This Is A Heavy Product, OXO OVO, and the phenomenon of larrikinism.

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This anthropomorphic food mascot, seen in Southborough, Kent, looks like it has an acute anxiety disorder.

London's answer to Victor Lancaster (i.e., the plastic bucket drummer guy in Melbourne):

I wonder what the penguinistas have to say about this:

Seen near Brick Lane, Spitalfields:

And a follow-up to an earlier post:

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Seen on a train to London:

Please #### #### #eat ## a disabled person

Also, it seems that the Heavy Product thing has spread as far as Piccadilly Circus:

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Ever wonder about those "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" stickers that were up everywhere? An outfit calling themselves Knee Length Press (who are apparently not connected with the Cave Clan, but have the same PO box nonetheless) have just published a photocopied zine by that title, consisting mostly of photographs of sticker sightings in Australia and Europe (there are lots in Austria for some reason), and mentioning some of the people not connected to the sticker campaign. The zine comes with a free life-sized Heavy Product sticker, and there's a competition for photographs of such a sticker in the most "imaginative, humorous and/or interesting location"; the winner gets a Heavy Product T-shirt. I found a copy of the zine at Westgarth Books (High St., Northcote; look for the Dobbshead on the wall inside).

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There seems to be a fresh crop of "THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT" stickers on the streets; they've been appearing on advertising billboards and street signs, just in time to replace the decaying remains of the old ones. Perhaps someone from the Cave Clan found another lot on a building site or something?

(Given how the THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT meme probably has more market penetration than all the T-shirt labels of Prahran put together, it's about time someone decided to exploit the phenomenon by founding a "Heavy Product Streetwear" line, making hooded tops, bike courier bags, big yellow shorts, &c. bearing the logo, and selling them to teenaged mooks and/or fashion victims at a ridiculous prices. All one'd need for that is a contract with a third-world sweatshop to make the damned things, and they probably advertise on the web by now.)

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