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A new study in England and Wales has revealed that one in every four boys aged 14 to 17 admits to being a serious or prolific offender, meaning either having committed six or more offences in the past year or having committed serious offences such as assault, burglary or aggravated Burberry-wearing dealing hard drugs. Then again, it could well be that some proportion of the sample exaggerated their histories to be like their gangsta-rap/east-end-geezer heroes.

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The BBC has a guide to current teenage subcultures. Interesting that in the UK, mooks are called "nu metallers", Ben Sherman shirts are considered a clubber thing (I suppose that's because the '90s Britpop Mod revival is ancient history), and Camden is considered a "Goth Mecca". (When I was in London last year, I saw all of about two goths in 3 weeks; I thought that particular meme-complex had died out through overexposure over there by now.)

They're listening to
  • Independent 'Alternative' Music, from small independent labels in pressings of say 100 straight out of Reykjavik
  • Garage Rock like The Strokes, The White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Old indie classics - The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, Nirvana, The Pixies

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