The Null Device: open-source code repository

Generic UNIX utilities in C/C++

cdrtrim - utility for trimming silence from audio files
jfifextract - program for fishing probable JPEG files out of a span of data

Generic UNIX utilities in Python

photosync - Script for intelligently syncing photos from a camera/memory card to a holding directory.

C/C++ libraries

iffdigest - lightweight C++ library for parsing IFF/RIFF files in memory

Linux-specific code

toy303 - Curses-based simulation of Roland TB-303-style bassline synth

MacOS X code

DrumMachine - Cocoa-based toy drum machine; not useful

Python code

FormattingDict - a dictionary subclass that allows string retrieval with alternative options, defaults and string transformations.
portfwd - TCP port forwarder
ProfilingProxy - A wrapper class for profiling method calls to objects.
type1-py - module for generating/encoding Type 1 fonts
x64spriterip - utility for extracting sprite images from Commodore 64 emulator memory dumps