The Dada Engine

This is the homepage for the Dada Engine. This page is rather old, and has been moved almost unedited from its previous home on I haven't had time to actively maintain it. Oh well; the source code is here, so that's a start...

The Dada Engine is a system for generating random text from grammars. It compiles and runs on (most) UNIX-like systems.

The current Dada Engine distribution is 1.03. It may be downloaded from this link. A patch for upgrading 1.02 to 1.03 may be downloaded here.

The Dada Engine manual is now online.

Other pages

An application of the Dada Engine, the Postmodernism Generator, is accessible via the Web.

Change log:

18-8-2000: Fixed a stupid bug; now it does compile without modification...
9-6-2000: Released 1.02, a bugfix release. It should finally compile with glibc 2.0 without modification. (though it didn't...)
29-4-1996: Released 1.01, a bugfix release.
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