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psychoceramics: More from Joan Brewer

Here's some more bizarreness from Joan ("Microsoft Destroyed my 
Family!") Brewer.  Notice how the original post (at end) complains 
about Microsoft overworking their employees, whereas Joan's followup 
alleges all sorts of bizarre sexual practices.

From: redrose @ coho.halcyon.com (Joan L. Brewer)
Newsgroups: alt.fan.bill-gates,alt.destroy.microsoft
Subject: Re: Microserfs / The Geek Factory

Christopher A. Flaat (c--@m--.com) wrote:
: s--@n--.com (Seattle Sun) says...
: >
: >Interesting. I've studied the culture at MS for 7 years.

:   Sorry to break it to you, but monitoring a.f.b-g & a.d.m. does not
: qualify as studying the culture at MS.

I'm certainly qualified to study you. As a women engineer who was sexually
assaulted by an uneducated Fillipino national and left handicapped after
getting injured, I've had more than enough dealings with Bill's Daddy's
lawfirm.  There are sick feminist inside MS who run around this town
intimadating anyone who attempted to help me. The whores inside MS HR
setup men inside with strippers in bogus job interview to humiliate them. 
Only MS would buy hardcore pornography CD-ROM's to test during the
development of Windows 95. Oh, and yes it show...  I wonder just how much
time lost MS had from the guys jacking off in the rest room.  You all have
your head between your legs so much you can't even use your head let alone
develop software. And the boy at the top is just as bad. 

People who read my web about what I've been though have renamed Microsoft 
the Slut Shop! and call it a Corporate Whore Story. :) They say, that 
now they understand why the stuff coming out of MS is so bad. Well, I 
sure can't program while looking at an errect dick and have never meant a 
male would could program with an errection. :) No LOGIC HEAR!

BTW, I got e-mail today that said that someone who went to 
www.microsoft.com was linked to my web site. Rock n' Roll! Evidently 
there are some other employees fed up with the harassment inside and the 
abuse of talented people. Funny, when I think of someone attempting to 
find that url I just laugh. My site has been duplicated at numerous 
places all over the world now with other URLs.  The idiots wouldn't be 
able to do it and the smart guys would shrug! : ) 

STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! THE MANAGEMENT! 86 Neukom, Murry, Sullivan and 

Love to all the Children~

Redmond Rose~ http://www.halcyon.com/redrose/maze.html

: >I was stund at
: >the manipulation of employees back in 1988. It's a sweat shop. They even
: >manipulate the guy at the top to get him to work himself to death too.
: >I've know many many burn out in their early 30's.  This town is looking
: >wrose and worse all the time. They even had a kid drop over dead at
: >Microsoft in his early 20s. Another guy jumped off Snoqualmi Fall. Many
: >have been taken out in staight jacks.

:   You don't know the half of it!  They were really given to space aliens
: in exchange for brain implant technology (and Jimmy Hoffa's body).

: >Lost of the original DOS guy ended
: >up with chemical imbalances and hear problems by the time they hit
: >thirty. As soon as their health started to go, they were out! The very
: >guys who worked themselves almost into an early grave were just discard.

:   If somebody beomces sick or disabled, their health insurance & disability
: insurance covers them.  Nobody gets "just discard[ed]" without a very good
: reason.

: >INside MS they have two group the nerds/geeks who are the techie genius 
: >with poor social skills. Then they have the suites which are sometimes 
: >called Inc.Spots or Error Head... They are socially skilled and get the 
: >rewards. Like marketing meeting in Hawaii.

:   BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA...I'd recommend that you read a book on the company
: (there are several out there) so that for your next post we can anticipate
: something based upon facts and reality.

: Best regards,
: Chris

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