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psychoceramics: News of the Weird [431] - 10May96 (fwd)

Many of you will have probably seen this.  Here are two items of note
from the recent News Of The Weird.

 -- acb

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* In April in Muskogee, Okla., religious patriot/prophet Willie
Ray Lampley, 65, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a
scheme to blow up buildings (in his words, "drop four or five
buildings").  Lampley had targeted gay bars, abortion clinics, and
"civil rights centers" for demolition because he was certain of an
imminent foreign invasion and thought the explosions somehow
would forestall it. [Philadelphia Inquirer-AP, 4-26-96] 

* Jailed in San Rafael, Calif., in February, on the latest of his 18 
indecent-exposure convictions, Mr. Ubiquitous Perpetuity God,
68.  (Mr. God says he changed his name years ago so that his
flashed victims would have "some type of awareness of God.")
[New Haven Register-AP, 2-15-96] 

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