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psychoceramics: FW: Who's holding us back????

more from the ineffable Mr. Lamprecht.
From: Jan Lamprecht on Fri, Jun 7, 1996 9:57 PM
Subject: Who's holding us back????

In light of that last e-mail, you mentioned that you don't trust the 
Govt. It's something which has been bothering me *A LOT*. It's about 
time I mentioned my feelings:-

The argument has been put forth that Govts are trying to "help" us by 
keeping the truth from us. The argument is that *WE* Joe Public - 
can't deal with the truth, can't deal with reality - while Govts - so 
it seems can. (We have to balance our cheque books, yet they can't
balance their budgets - it makes you wonder who's more capable of dealing 
with reality.....)

I used to buy that argument. But nowadays I think it's totally 
fallacious - outright horseshit - propaganda intended to keep us 
content with our ignorance. Let me explain why:

Societies across the world - from the simplest tribesmen upwards - 
have experienced SEVERE CULTURE SHOCK - throughout history. Think of 
when Europeans colonised much of the world. That's the same as 
"aliens" coming to earth. You might argue that we're all humans of 
more-or-less the same type and that it's not the same as meeting the 
6-legged-3-armed-zuggats from Zoron. Yet, if UFO contactee stories 
are anything to go by, most aliens seem VERY COMFORTABLE in our 
gravity, and they breath this atmosphere with no problem.

While many primitive tribes were wiped out by diseases and such 
things. Most seem to have coped in spite of the culture shock IN 
SPITE OF MILITARY ASSAULT EVEN. No matter how backward they are, 
they've come to terms with the reality. It might not have benefitted 
behaved in any other bizarre fashion which showed that the experience 
had unhinged their minds.

Here we are. Millions of us around the world. We're not cringing in 
fear. We're SEEKING KNOWLEDGE - we're curious as hell. The idea of 
meeting Humans, Greys, Zuggats or any other bizarre creature out 
there - isn't causing us any sleepless nights. We're more worried 
about lying Govts than we are by Man-eating-Aliens. We're TOTALLY 
DEFENCELESS - yet, in spite of our pitiful situation wherein we are 
totally defenceless, totally helpless, and at the mercy of a Universe 
full of super-advanced Aliens - we're not losing our minds. 

You can't be in a worse situation than being DEFENCELESS facing the 
UNKOWN. So I don't see how we can possibly sink lower, or become more 
scared than now. Yet, we're NOT SCARED. 

Sure, there are some Christians, who might have their beliefs 
ruffled. But there are many OTHER Christians who buy into the idea of 
Aliens, and all they need to show said former Christians are some 
lines in the Bible which justify the existence of the Aliens, and 
said former Christians will be back on track - even deriving strength 
from the new found knowledge in their Bible. 

I don't see how our economic systems can collapse. Anyone who thinks 
our economic system will collapse - has no understanding of the 
adaptability of the Free Market system. At worst, our economic 
systems could become UNSTABLE for a while - but beyond that I see no 
PERMANENT DAMAGE. Heck, all economies experience crashes and other 
such man-made disasters. Countries have been totally destroyed by 
war. Yet, mass death, nor total destruction caused those countries to 
be devoid of human activity. No matter the disaster, mankind has 
always without fail, risen again.

The Average human, poor fucking sucker that he is, trodden upon, lied 
to, cheated - propagandised. The poor fucker, weak as he is, poor and 
ignorant as he is - he is nevertheless the Building-block of society. 
And no matter what disaster befalls him - sure a couple of million 
may die - he's the strongest damned thing there is. As weak as he is, 
the average human seems to be the strongest most resilient thing 

Govts may come and go - ideologies may be born, and they may die. But 
the average human just goes on and on. No matter how downtrodden he 
may be - he seems to have an infinite ability to adapt.

The strongest may actually be the weakest. Govts may fear a power 
which can remove their CONTROL over us - if this power so wishes. 

Let's face it squarely. The Aliens have the Power of Life and Death 
over US - over YOU AND ME - and they have the same power over our 
Govts. The Aliens are so advanced that we can not even begin to mimic 
their technology. It goes without saying that they could kill us, 
enslave us, steal from us, oppress us - just when the hell they want 
- and there's nothing we can do about it. They could paralyse and 
destroy the armies of the greatest nations on earth. They could 
obliterate us from this planet and live here instead of us. They only 
have to make that decision and this place is there's. That's the 
position we're in.

I feel that it's not US who are the problem - it's the Govts. They 
FEAR they will lose their influence, their power. They are keeping us 
in the dark because this is their way of "enslaving" us. As long as 
they keep up the charade that there is no life in the Universe, we 
are kept in our PRISON. 

Look at ALL powerful organisations in history which were SEVERELY 
THREATENED. They ALL react the same way. They bring in the 
Thought-Police to control their follower's minds. They try to stave 
off panic. They OVERREACT. It is a fact of life that people (on 
Earth) do not RELINQUISH POWER WILLINGLY. The Aliens will have to 
force some sort of confrontation.

Take those events in Aussie where spacecraft are flying in formation 
and the Aliens are overtly making themselves as visible as they can.

The Aliens WANT CONTACT. They keep on PRESENTING 
THEMSELVES BEFORE US. They keep on PARADING their craft before us.

Many of us Average Humans WANT KNOWLEDGE. We are CURIOUS. 
We want to know more. In spite of the potential threat factor, our curiousity 
is far greater than our fear. In spite of our utter defencelessness, 
we're curious as hell - and we're just not freaking. No matter how 
many scary stories we hear - we're in fact more paranoid about our 
own Govts than Man-eating-Aliens. 

It seems plainly clear to me, that the problem area are our Govts. 
They're SCARED. Because Human society WILL ADAPT - but the Govts may 
find themselves GREATLY WEAKENED - and that scares them. I think it 
also bothers them that we might learn things from the Aliens which 
we're NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW. For example, the Aliens might tell us 
things about our corrupt Govts which we would never otherwise have 
found out - after all they have the technology to monitor us. I think 
many of these things really scare our Govts. They just wish the 
Aliens would bugger off....... But those Aliens are NOT leaving. 
They're here to stay - until we open up to them.....

I think that if anyone's having a problem dealing with reality then 
it's our leaders.... 

As for me. I think we should GROW UP. We live on this little Island 
called Earth. All around are other bigger and better islands. Are we 
going to become a hermit race, stuck on earth, never talking to 
anyone else in the Universe? Or are we going to GROW UP, and
and make contact?

What have we got to lose? They can kill us or oppress us in any way 
which suits them. We can't possibly be in a worse position than we 
are now. So why not go and say "Hi". Communication will benefit us a 
*LOT*  - we will learn many things from them. Communication will 
benefit us MORE than it will benefit the Aliens. After all - we have 
nothing to lose anyway - except our ignorance....