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psychoceramics: FW: hollow earth expedition

this gets increasingly fascinating.  Bruce W.
From: Jan Lamprecht on Tue, Jun 11, 1996 7:02 PM
Subject: hollow earth expedition

Hi Nikolai,

> Hi Jan,
> I don t think that a JET is an appropriate plane to do a fly-by.

Why not? Cost?

> Because of the magnetic anomalies it might be better to use some 
> propellered aircrafts. There are some five to six seaters avaliable 
> on the market, with quite a reasonable range and also cheaper. 

That might be fine. Range is really only an issue once you know where 
you're going.

> To my personal opinion 
> it should be an absolutely "must" to charter a plane for a 
> pre-investigative flight, before trying a larger overland expedition.

Good point.

> There are several points in the North Polar Region, that are not too 
> bad equipped with planes. I did already some more detailed inquiries.

Good news. 

> The problem is, that I don t think it is advisable to diskuss the 
> specific details on the net, since the net is, as you also wrote, 
> watched by govmts. and related "folks".

It worries me a lot. But I don't know what else to do. I've also got 
to communicate. Perhaps - we should use PGP to make physical 
arrangements. They can still monitor phones of course - probably 
especially so for Americans. There's no question we're being 
monitored - my ex-NSA buddy told me that I could take it as a given 
fact that they're monitoring our conversations. He explained to me 
that because of my contact with a famous International Geopolitical 
newsletter writer in Switzerland - I'd already opened myself up for 
monitoring. Germans have also mentioned to me that they're worried 
that they're being watched. I'd take that as a given too. If we're on 
the right track - then sure as nuts they'll want to impede/mislead us 
in any way they can.... The simple fact that the US Govt continues to 
lie and disinform right up to this minute simply tells me that 
they're going to frown upon all of this. Who knows how far they'll go 
to stop this. Some things should be public - that way it is not 
possible to kill this off simply by sorting out ONE PERSON. Also, we 
live in different countries - and that must surely make it even more 
difficult for them.

> To my personal opinion, IF there are the holes, some secret 
> organisations surely already discovered them. There is strong 
> evidence, that officials don t like the peoble to contact inside 
> earth.

For sure, NASA, and the Russians have found the holes - without 
question. If they wanted to talk to those people - they'd have told 
us a long time ago - but I agree with you. They're not going to like 
any of this. Keeping us fooled, keeping us away from contact with 
other civilisations - by hook or by crook - is definitely their aim. 
My view is that we must simply show our resistance to this. It may 
encourage them to one day release the truth. The truth could be 
hidden for another 50 - 100 years if they so wished.... that scares 

> So, if you like, youre welcome to comment on this.
> By the way, can you occasionally tell me something about the photo 
> you mentioned recently?

It is a photograph I stumbled on through pure luck, and which has 
turned up in the strangest of places. It is the ONE photo, which I am 
CERTAIN will be proven to be totally true. I obtained it from an 
American friend of mine who had worked for the NSA. Being a 
photography enthusiast he obtained some negatives from Goddard space 
flight centre in the 1970's. He took them home for the weekend. He 
had a buddy who ran Goddard spaceflight centre and that's how he got 
hold of these photos. He developed them himself. One of them was a 
full colour picture of the earth - and at the "top" (magnetic pole) 
is this "crater" about 1,000 - 1,300 miles in diameter. We struggled 
to get the photo to me via Compuserve. I had TERRIFIC problems. The 
full image was about 6 Mb in size. Eventually, he rescanned (black 
and white) the top 50 degrees or so. That was 384 Kb - and (with a 
struggle) - I got it. I still have it, and I want to pass it on to 
you and Billy (and the others). Feel free to study it, dissect it, 
and let me know what you think. This friend of mine from the NSA, 
didn't know it was a hollow earth pic himself. He had offered to use 
his NSA contacts to help me in my R&D. He did not know I was 
interested in the Hollow Earth. Then I asked him - I told him about 
the theory - and that's when he told me that he had this colour photo 
and now that I'd told him about the hole, there was this goddammed 
hole on his photo. Sure as nuts, when I finally saw the photo (it 
took many months) - the thing was there. I showed it to Chris and 
Julio at the time. Chris in Denver, and Julio in Cape Town. Chris 
told me he'd seen this photo, in a book. But I can't remember what 
the name is. Perhaps Chris can fill us in. It's not a book 
specifically about the hollow earth. It's about various aspects of 
UFOlogy. Maybe some of you have stumbled upon it? It's a picture 
showing America, Europe and Africa, with the hole on the top of the 

An IMAX (3D?) theatre opened in Cape Town, and Julio heard that THE 
BLUE PLANET was showing. It was a documentary about Earth as seen 
from outer space. So Julio went in the hope of seeing something. He 
saw nothing during the entire film - EXCEPT, at the very end, the 
last 30 seconds, there's this SAME photo, in COLOUR - 3-stories high! 
Julio freaked! He saw the film about 5 times!!! And took others to 
see it.

My ex-NSA buddy had PROMISED ME a colour copy of that photo. 
Originally he'd had to break it out of the frame in order to scan it. 
He'd told me he'd mail me a couple of copies free of charge. Then he 
began behaving really WEIRD, and just clammed up - and *NEVER* spoke 
to me any more about the photo. From time to time we talk about other 
things. I wonder if he had a visit from the NSA, reminding him of his 
oaths, prison sentences, etc..... So, I'm pretty fucked - to put it 
bluntly. Perhaps if we put our heads together, maybe with the help of 
Billy, or Wayne and others in the USA we can retrieve the WHOLE 
COLOUR PHOTO, plus it's NASA catalogue numbers, details of the 
satellite which took it, date, time, etc. We *REALLY* need it. 

Julio helped me about 3 weeks ago to begin tracing the film back to 
it's makers. I faxed them. They replied, asking WHY I wanted this 
still from their documentary. I replied that I was writing a book 
about "Solar system anomalies" and that there's a "circular feature" 
in that photo which interested me. I told them that I want the 
details so I can trace it to NASA. I figured that a photo which MANY 
had bought from NASA, could not be regarded as a fake since many 
copies existed. Even if NASA edited their copy, one could point to 
books and films which had contained that photo YEARS AGO. It's 
without question the finest photo I've ever seen and I want the full 
thing, in colour, with all the NASA details. Of course we must search 
for other photos too.

I'll prepare the photos and upload them onto my FTP site for you guys 
to look at. I think it will be good if I can spread some copies 

I just hope the IMAX corporation will help me.