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psychoceramics: Fwd: Your Degree and the Red Dragon of Christ


I'm sorry I don't have the full cite on this one, but it comes courtesy 
of a friend of mine who frequents the flame-a-riffic alt.adoption 
newsgroup. The post below was made by a lady named Celeste, who 
frequently gets into flamewars on the newsgroup when she's not locking 
her attention-deficit-disorder foster children in closets.

Having read the following, I'm smacking myself for wasting a four-year 
college career on a journalism degree, when I could have gone to a 
two-year program to "earn your self a gambling casino dealer or janitor's 
salary". As it is, I've helped bring about metaphysical armageddon--and 
if you're a four-year college grad, SO HAVE YOU! DILUTE! DILUTE!

John Tynes
Class of 19-son of satan-93, University of Missouri-Hellspawn-Columbia
Bachelor of Journalism, contributor to the end of humanity


>> Boy, I'd better let the Financial Aid Office know that i'm really a
>> spoiled rich misfit, so they can take back the student loans that I
>> obviously didn't need.
>Yes, better let them know, they'll probably double your financial grant! 
>Your just what the left-wing educational system wants for our Nation's
>future.  College graduates willing to waste 5, 6 up to 10 years of their
>lives, borrowing their futures away, who after they graduate will have too
>much free time, because their isn't enough jobs out there for college
>graduates, won't be able to pay off their college loans, that paid their
>left-wing liberal salaries, that fund the left-wing liberal agenda, your
>(the taxpayers in fact) having to pay for all those WORTHLESS classes you
>took, when all you really needed was about two years worth of education to
>go out and earn your self a gambling casino dealer or janitor's salary,
>bringing down the country financially, causing the stock market crash
>that's going to fuel the vehicle of the Anti-Christ to coming riding in on
>a giant Red Dragon, while at the same time all you fools who thought
>education would give you a promising and successful future can spend all
>day on your computers venting your cuss words, anger and hatred at all this
>wonderful freedom we enjoy in this great country of ours.