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psychoceramics: Archimedes "Ludwig" Plutonium in Real Life

Here's a real life Manifestation of Usenet's Favorite Scientist,
Archimedes (nee' Ludwig) Plutonium.

   When will you publishers stop propagandizing for speculative ideas such
   as the big bang and black holes? When they are discovered not to exist,
   what rationale will you use, since you plastered your magazine full of
   this nonsense? You are the publicity agents for birdbrain professors of

   I give you till the end of the year to publish the fact that the
   observable universe is the last electron of plutonium.

   White River Junction, Vermont

This appeared in the April 1993 "Scientific American" magazine.  Scientific
American doesn't appear to perpetrate farces on April 1st, but rather to
publish a few farces that folks like Ludwig/Archimedes Plutonium inflict
upon them.