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psychoceramics: Here it is the ultimate Princess Di Conspiracy (fwd)

A friend of mine sent me this.  Clasic conspiritorial rant.

I am waiting for the cranks to start claiming that the wreck faked and that
she is alive, in disguse and living away from the lenses of the
paperatzi...  (If they worked for the Vatican would the "Poperatzi"?)

>For all you fans of *really* whacko conspiracy theories . . .
>. . . this is a classic of the genre.
>Forwarded message:
>> Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 08:37:28 -0500 (CDT)
>>               Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 95
>>              =======================================
>>                      ("Quid coniuratio est?")
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> "Ru Mills" --
>>         ==================================================
>> [Here is Ru Mills' account  of  the death of Princess Diana.  "Ru
>> Mills" is a pseudonym; formerly she  published  the  "Rumor  Mill
>> News."   Consider  all of what follows, unless specifically noted
>> otherwise, as "according to Ru Mills."]
>> Princess Diana  and  her  soon-to-be  husband,  Dodi  Fayed, were
>> fatally injured in the  Pont  de  l'Alma  tunnel.   The  site  is
>> ancient,  dating  back  to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca.
>> 500 - 751 A.D.), and before.  In pre-Christian times, the Pont de
>> l'Alma was a  pagan  sacrificial  site.   Note  that in the pagan
>> connotation, at least, sacrifice  is  not  to  be  confused  with
>> murder: the sacrificial victim had to be a willing participant.
>> In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l'Alma  was  an
>> underground  chamber.   Founder  of  the  Merovingian dynasty was
>> Merovaeus, said to be descended from  the union of a sea creature
>> and a French queen.  Merovaeus followed the pagan cult of  Diana.
>> In Middle English, "soul" (Alma) has as etymology "descended from
>> the sea."  "Pont,"  has  as  a  Latin  root "pontifex," meaning a
>> Roman high priest.  (See also pons, pontis --  bridge;  passage.)
>> "Alma"  comes  from  the  Latin "almus," meaning nourishing.  One
>> translation of Pont  de  l'Alma  would  be  "bridge of the soul."
>> Another would be "passage of  nourishment."   All  true  European
>> royalty is descended from the Merovingians, which are believed to
>> be descendants of Jesus Christ.
>> During the Merovingian  era,  if  two  kings  had  a dispute over
>> property, it was settled in combat at Pont de l'Alma.   According
>> to  legend,  anyone killed there goes straight to Heaven and sits
>> at the right hand of God,  watching  over  all his foe was to do.
>> The person killed in combat was actually  considered  to  be  the
>> "winner,"  since  he  became  God's  eyes on earth and even could
>> manipulate events.
>> The  current  British  royal  family are imposters.  The House of
>> Windsor is a fraud.  But  the  lineage of Lady Diana Spencer goes
>> back to Charles II of the House of Stewart.  The House of Stewart
>> is  of *true* royal blood.  Diana's sons, William and Harry, have
>> 3-quarters true nobility in their blood.
>> Princess Diana was  in  a  powerful  position.  Two main factions
>> vied for control over her:  (1)  the  New  World  Order  faction,
>> founded on an alliance between King William III (Bank of England,
>> modern  system  of  finance,  and  "national  debt" all beginning
>> during his reign) and  later,  the  Rothschilds, and (2) the true
>> nobility of Europe.
>> *Within* the New World Order faction, there are smaller,  warring
>> factions, exemplified by Rothschilds vs.  Rockefellers.  The plan
>> of  the  New  World  Order  faction was to marry Lady Diana to an
>> American.  Even though  Bill  Clinton  has  bastard  roots in the
>> Rockefeller clan, he is rejected by them and is aligned with  the
>> Rothschilds.   Bill Clinton was the designated future husband for
>> Lady Diana, with Hillary Clinton to be eliminated through divorce
>> or even murder.  The Rockefellers  were  furious; in no way would
>> they allow a marriage between Bill Clinton and  Lady  Diana.   In
>> Great  Britain,  Prince William would be on the throne by age 25;
>> if Prince Charles  did  not  abdicate,  he would be assassinated.
>> Then, Prince Harry and the living Lady Diana would have moved  to
>> the  U.S. Harry would become a U.S. citizen and go into politics,
>> becoming perhaps a U.S. Senator.  By then, whoever controlled the
>> two boys -- Prince William and  Prince Harry -- would control the
>> world.
>> But in her last visit to the White  House,  circa  January  1997,
>> Lady  Diana  informed  Mr. Bill Clinton that in no way, shape, or
>> form would she *ever* marry  him.   (While in America, Lady Diana
>> also met with John Kennedy, Jr.)  Diana chose, instead, to  marry
>> for  love.   (Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis for power;
>> he could protect her.)
>> Dodi  Fayed,  beloved  of  Lady  Diana,  is  a  cousin  of  Adnan
>> Khashoggi, a CIA asset involved  in  sales  of arms to Iran -- he
>> and Oliver North.  Adnan Khashoggi is part  of  the  Saudi  royal
>> family.   Through  marrying  Dodi  Fayed,  Diana  would have been
>> marrying into the  Saudi  royal  family.   She  might have had to
>> convert to Islam.
>> British intelligence (MI-6) arranged the deaths of Lady Diana and
>> Dodi Fayed.  It was imperative that the Saudi  royal  family  not
>> have  control  over  Diana.  The driver of the ill-fated Mercedes
>> was a "Manchurian candidate" (brainwashed tool), with connections
>> to the French military.   How  did  so  much alcohol get into his
>> system?  Amounts  suggested  in  mass  media  reports  are  truly
>> staggering  --  so much alcohol that the driver would have had to
>> been carried to the car.  The way it happened was, the driver was
>> made to  swallow  special  slowly-digestible  balloons containing
>> high-potency alcohol.  While he drove, the balloons  were  slowly
>> digested and he became dangerous behind the wheel.
>> But even within British intelligence there are factions.  A rogue
>> faction in MI-6, powerless to prevent the assassination, arranged
>> for the deaths of Lady Diana and  Dodi Fayed to happen at Pont de
>> l'Alma.  Cleverly, it was known that a  death  at  that  historic
>> location would not only "send a signal"; it would eventually lead
>> to  the creation of a "Saint Diana."  In Roman paganism, Diana is
>> "Queen  of  Heaven,"  a  triple-goddess.   "Al-mah,"  in  mideast
>> language,  means  "moon  goddess."    One  aspect  of  the  Roman
>> triple-goddess is the "lunar virgin."  The  *al-mahs*  served  as
>> maidens of Diana, the lunar virgin.  In France, the Cult of Diana
>> was  so  powerful  that it wasn't until the Middle Ages until the
>> French gave up worship of the pagan goddess.  The *true*  Knights
>> Templar  (not to be confused with imposters) are sworn to protect
>> the Merovingian blood -- i.e., that of the *true* royals, such as
>> Lady Diana.   Before  too  long,  Project  Blue  Beam holographic
>> imaging will be used to create "miraculous appearances"  of  Lady
>> Diana.   Children  at various locations will be randomly selected
>> to witness "saintly apparitions."   These children will receive a
>> "message" from "Diana."  Some of the  children  will  claim  that
>> "Diana"  has given them healing powers -- and what is more, these
>> children  *will*  be   able   to   "heal."   Locations  of  these
>> "miraculous appearances" will become known as places  of  healing
>> and  sacred  shrines.   "Saint Diana's" two children, William and
>> Harry, will become akin to  two living Jesus Christs, walking the
>> earth.  It will be the start of "the new religion."  Who controls
>> the new religion controls the world.
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