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psychoceramics: Re: My own conspiracy theory

Unfortunately, Yoav, I've already seen several variations on this.  I
subscribe to the psychoceramics list (p--@z--.net;
http://zikzak.zikzak.net/~acb/psychoceramics/), whose various members have
been alerting each other ever since.


At 09:33 AM 9/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I had a few spare moments at work yesterday...
>I wonder if the company can claim ownership rights to this?
>Isn't it odd that the death of the Princess and her lover are linked with
>the press in such a way that there is a ban on publishing any photographs?
>In recent weeks, Princess Diana made several public comments lambasting the
>media for continuously invading her privacy.  Her recent relations with
>Dodi increased the media's and the world's attention to her private life. 
>Seeking to remove herself from the public eye, Diana devised an ingenious
>The car crash and her death were necessary preconditions for an "existence
>incognito."  But Diana and Dodi were never in that car.  The Paparazzi that
>pursued her are pawns in the plot; they are at once framed accomplices in
>the homicide as well as the safeguards of the secret.  The late night car
>crash made exact identification difficult, fooling the paparazzi into
>believing that indeed it was the Princess.  As the unfortunate victims were
>whisked away to an unspecified hospital, the paparazzi remained trapped in
>the plot that would charge them with homicide.  And, unable to print any
>photographs of the incident, the world will never know who really was in
>that car.
>Eluding the media and the public eye forever, Diana and Dodi are now safely
>hidden and living in real peace (on earth) on some private island.  And the
>paparazzi are soon to be incriminated for a horrible death: Di's finest
>"It is better to be relatively right than absolutely wrong."
>John M. Keynes