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psychoceramics: Diana Digest

And below, a few highlights from alt.conspiracy, concerning the
Princess Diana "accident".  The leading theories appear to be:

 1)  Diana was murdered by Buckingham Palace/MI6/the Conservative
     Party/the Freemasons/arms manufacturers, followed by:

 2)  Diana and Dodi faked their deaths in order to live their lives
     in privacy.

 -- acb

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  From: Rob Somerville <m--@g--.co.uk>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: The Diana tragedy
  Having gone through the past 24 hours or so in a state of shock, can I
  bounce a few ideas around concerning this 'accident' ?
  Circumstantial Coincidences
  * One month after Diana gets together with Dodi, both end up dead in
  suspicious circumstances
  * Dodi's father has not been granted UK citizenship
  * Professional drivers don't run at 100 Mph from newsmen - they are,
  however, trained to respond to 'threats' e.g gunmen
  * An underpass seems a good place to hijack a car
  * First reports said Diana was only 'slightly injured' and was talking
  to people
  * The front of the car seems to have suffered the most impact  - the 2nd
  front passenger is still alive with non-threatening injuries
  * Diana, like Dodi, had a lot of powerful enemies
  * There was a 3 hour blackout of information concerning Diana.
  * As Diana & Dodi were experienced media celebs, why panic in Paris this
  time ?
  * Diana was probably happier than she ever has been.  Why not share this
  with the media ?
  * The Merc probably should have been a re-enforced, bullet-proof
  model.  If not why not ? And why the carnnage if it was ?
  * There have been reports of other vehicles involved, but this seems to
  have gone very quiet now.
  * Why the rush to get Diana's body back to the UK ?  Doesn't France have
  legal rights for an coroners inquest ?
   The atmosphere in London at the moment
  * Everybody I have talked to is stunned by this - and many people are
  shouting 'dirty deeds'.  Is this just denial ?
  * The accident is having the same impact that the JFK assination had in
  the US.
  * Inevatably, the press will now be censured.   Is this right ?
  * Is this truly just a tragic accident surrounded by coincidences ?
  Answers on a postcard please...

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  From: not vince <g--@p--.demon.co.uk>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Re: The Diana tragedy
  As of approx 9 pm GMT reports are that Dodi has been buried..... less
  than 21 hours after his death.........
  That's if he was dead....
  I doubt you will see a 'state Funeral for Di' Why????  any one including
  a commoner like Winston Churchill can have a 'state Funeral' but there
  is one simple condition... you need to be dead first...
  Di and dodi are at presant in a top class plastic surgeons private
  hospital having a slight change to their appearance....

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  From: sam <s--@f--.co.uk>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: hmmm..diana..a few thoughts
  could it have anything to do with international arms dealing, seeing as
  she had single- handedly brought the issue of land mines to public
  attention...what kind of weapons was she after next?...there must be
  some people who were'nt happy about that.
  Mohammed Al-Fayed's long running battle with certain aspects of the
  British establishment (and remember that feued with the sinister
  businessman Tiny Roland?)...so he must have sympathised with Dianas
  supposedly paranoid view of 'her husbands people' and her battle with
  the establishment..her remarks about the Tory government, Al-Fayeds
  run-ins with the Torys...This could be percieved as a very dangerous
  combination of money, influence and power...enough for someone to do
  anything about??
  What else...a way to force legislation on the control of the media from
  a party out of office?...William Hague didnt seem that suprised this
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  From: XXXXXX--@X--XXXXXX.XXX (Curious)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Diana & Dodi, killed by MI5?
  What does anyone think about this one:
  Lately Diana has been a sore spot towards the Royal family, she has been for 
  the last few years. Then just a few days ago she was in the news because of 
  her statements about a certain countries political views dealing with land 
  minds. Even the British government advised Diana not to get involved with 
  political issues. As well she was rumored to be wed to Dodi.
  Now if she was to be eliminated wouldn't that solve a few problems now, and 
  possibly in the future? Think about it, she would no longer blemish the Royal 
  family, yet with her death it may "drum-up" support and new found respect for 
  the Royal family in their time of need.
  This is just a thought, I would like some input, I just think there are too 
  many coincidences here.
  To close I want togive all y sympathy's to the Royal family, Prince Charles, 
  Prince William and Prince Phillip.
  Thank you

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  From: j--@M--CS.COM (Jorn Barger)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Re: Diana & Dodi, killed by MI5?
  In article <5ub6il$bld$1--@n--.van.hookup.net>,
  Curious <XXXXXX--@X--XXXXXX.XXX> wrote:
  >Now if she was to be eliminated wouldn't that solve a few problems now, and 
  >possibly in the future? Think about it, she would no longer blemish the Royal 
  >family, yet with her death it may "drum-up" support and new found respect for 
  >the Royal family in their time of need. [...]
  Well, here's how I predict the conspiracy scenario will take form in
  the next day or so:
  First, they boobytrapped the car, expecting that to be enough.
  But when Di escaped with only minor injuries, they induced a heart
  attack on the operating table.

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  From: s--@a--.com (Swellkh)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Diana Conspiracy?
  I am shocked and horrified to hear that Princess Diana was killed (along
  with her companion Dodi Al Fayez, and driver) tonight in a car crash in
  Paris.  But was it an accident?  Consider the following points: 
  --the speed that the car was going (100 mph in a 30 mph tunnel in Paris)
  --the car was not being driven by Diana or Dodi Al Fayez.  So why would an
  experienced Paris security guard feel the need to drive at such incredible
  speeds and risk the lives of the Princess of Wales and Al Fayez when the
  car's tinted windows would prevent any intrusive photography (the TV press
  keeps talking about the 5 photographers chasing them on motorcycles).
  --Who benefits from the awful tragic death of Princess Diana?
  --Answer: everyone in the Royal Family.  
  Most significantly: the death of Diana and Dodi guarantees that the step
  father of the future king of England will not be the son of an Egyptian
  immigrant, an immigrant whose own failure to obtain British citizenship is
  itself highly suspect, given his contributions to British society and his
  deep desire to do so. 
  Clearly Charles and the Queen of England possess the resources, both Money
  and influence, to accomplish such an act.   The motive? Diana's tabloid
  romance with Dodi further tarnished the British monarchy. With Diana now
  dead, Charles is free to marry Camilla without Camilla suffering
  comparisons with his more popular first-wife. Am seeking further
  information or insights. 

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  From: not vince <g--@p--.demon.co.uk>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  How unusual that Diana's death is so convenient for everyone!!!!
  British Royal family ccan now get sympathetic reaction when they demand
  privacy from press..
  Charles and Camilla now free to openly persue their romance.
  Dodi's father will have no difficulty in getting his british passport
  that he has been so often refused.
  Diana now can live in complete privacy.. a thing she has often said she
  wished for...
  No more embarressment to Royal Family by her romantinc links to Al Fayed
  famly with it's alleged dodgy dealings in the past
  Choose a desolate place where no one can see the 'accident' or an
  international city at $.am in a tunnel where the dealings are not over
  Two Trucks..
  Truck oone near far exit of tunnel rear door open and empty.
  Truck two near near entrance to tunnel containing wrecked car, bodies

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  From: not vince <g--@p--.demon.co.uk>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Another small point worth mentioning..
  The crashed car....
  As this was a fatal car crash, it is normal for the car to be covered so
  that evidence,,,, the reason for the crash is not totally clear,,,  is
  not lost or 'changed' by environmental action... Yet we have all
  witnessed the truck thwith the damaged vehicle clearly displayed
  travelling through the streets of paris...
   Is there going to be no forensic investigation into the cause?
  perhaps a Royal and a Millionairs son do not warrant such treatment..
  but surely the good name of the driver warrants us finding out if he or
  the vehicle were to blame???????
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  From: s--@a--.com (Spin618034)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: DIANA DEAD - An Accident?
  Come on...the car was reported to have been going over 100MPH! No way
  would a responsible driver go that fast through a tunnel for ANY reason.
  Especially considering the occupants of the vehicle. The car must have been
  tampered with so the accelerator would get stuck in the floored position,
  possibly by remote control. Either that or the driver was shot or drugged,
  but that's less likely, since a fatal accident would be less certain in
  that event. Maybe one of the motorcyclists following the car was the hit
  man. Of course with the car completely totalled, no evidence remains of any
  tampering. How convenient! Apparently one person survived so far. I wonder
  what his life expectancy is going to be?
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  From: p--@v--.co.uk
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Diana was done in. Not only because Mohamed could not be seen to be
  the stepfather of future king,and all the other things,but also
  becuase she knew too much about the internal skeletons of the royal
  family closet:it was only a matter of time before she spilled various
  beans,including sexual proclivities of senior figures past and
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  From: j--@M--CS.COM (Jorn Barger)
  Newsgroups: alt.showbiz.gossip,alt.conspiracy,alt.conspiracy.princess-diana,alt.gossip.royalty
  Subject: Re: Diana Death Crash: The Unanswered Questions
  What was she referring to some weeks back when she said she'd be
  making a startling announcement soon?
  Why did the early reports suggest she was not gravely injured, then
  later that she'd had a heart attack on the operating table?
  Is it a coincidence that it happened so soon after she shocked 
  Britain with her comment about the Major government being hopeless?
  Ditto re her successes getting landmines outlawed, thus pissing off
  various arms dealers?
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  From: Malik Malkavian <m--@a--.nymserver.com>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy.princess-diana
  Subject: Princess Diana/Masonic symbolism
  Note the following facts:
  1)  Princess Diana was killed when her car crashed under a bridge.
        Bridges were traditionally built of stonework (MASONRY) and 
        thus are a Masonic symbol.  Roberto Calvi, who was involved in
        the Masonic/fascist P2 lodge, was hanged under Blackfriar's 
        Bridge in London, in what was apparently a Masonic ritual killing.
  2)  The Prince of Wales is automatically a 33rd-degree Freemason.  
        This is the highest degree in ordinary Freemasonry.
  3)  There was a prominent Freemasonic theme in the Jack the Ripper 
        murders last century.  It is believed that the killings took
        place to cover up a scandal in the royal family.
  Can this be mere coincidence?
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  From: Andrew Haigh <a--@v--.bc.ca>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  MI6 did their job well, not only did they get the thorn in the crown's
  side, but they got her Gyppo lover as weel.
  We couldn't have a King of England with a half-egyptian brother/sister
  now, could we?
  Sources from Buckingham Palace report the the Queen `is amused' at the
  prospect of not having to deal with her more photo-genic replacement
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  From: d--@s--.cts.com (Blue Resonant Human)
  Newsgroups: alt.alien.research,alt.alien.visitors,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.conspiracy,alt.conspiracy.area51,alt.conspiracy.jfk
  Subject: Re: Diana: LOOSE CANNON TERMINATED BY MI6. Startling new revelations
  David C. Hammonds <d--@a--.co.uk> wrote:
  > People have asked the inevitable. American conspiracy theorists have asked,
  >as they always do, is there a conspiracy? You bet your life there is. Let me
  >fill in you in on how and why MI6 were able to terminate Diana, why they
  >should want to etc.
  Whoo-boy.  Did anyone happen to fire up their stop-watches to see
  precisely how long it took before the conspiracy nutters descended
  like vultures upon the still-warm body of Princess Di?
  Why should they be so sure it was MI5/MI6?  If I were a betting man,
  my money'd be on an Illuminati hit, ordered from the ALT-003
  Underground Bases on Mars and transliterated to this density via the
  Time/Space Folding Device located in Montauk and run by Philadelphia
  Project Nazis from the Hollow Earth; spearheaded, of course, by Jack
  Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley.
  Yes, that'd be the SMART MONEY bet alrighty.
  -Brother Blue, B:.B:.
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  From: Lou Minatti <s--@i--.com>
  Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell,alt.talk.royalty,alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Conspiracy kooks and Di's death:  Libya claims racism!
  Conspiracy kooks are already busy crafting many bizarre theories
  concerning Di's death. Stick with what the official Libyan news agency
  has said (from the Houston Chronicle, Sept. 1). It's even wackier:
  "Libyan state television on Sunday accused Britain of having "killed"
  Princess Diana and her Egyptian companion, Dodi Fayed, whoe died early
  Sunday in Paris in a car crash.
  "Britain killed Princess Diana and her Egyptian friend in a Paris
  street," the announcer said as the television showed pictures of their
  wrecked car. 
  Meanwhile, an official "National Committee for Human Rights in Libya"
  accused London of "involvment and complicity, along with other
  intelligence services, in the death of Diana, due to her friendship with
  an Egyptian Arab."
  In an official statement in Tripoli by the Libyan official news agency
  JANA, the committee said it "denounces this odious crime, which reflects
  a racist attitude showing the real face of the West."

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  From: c--@w--.net
  Subject: Diana, conspiracy : UK View
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Let's consider these conspiracy items :
  1. Diana about to marry Dodi. Would have converted to Islam. Quite a
  convert for the ex-wife of the Church of England.
  2. Driver of car was illegally three times over the alcohol limit.
  3. Driver has not been named.
  4. Photographers clambered over the car like monkeys to get the "Royal
  Snuff" pictures BEFORE calling for an ambulance.
  5. Hospital was the THIRD nearest.
  6. The French, experts at roadside operations, did not have all their
  equipment with them.
  7. Why speed away when you ha djust been talking to the photographers? Why
  speed at all? Car driven at 120mph NOT 60 mph as at first reported.
  8. Witness said they heard an explosion like a bomb. (Very unlikely story
  9. First witness was American : CIA? (unlikely)
  10. Three of the motorcyclists were freemasons thus anti Islam, pro C of E.
  In all this undoubtedly Diana was the innocent, so too Dodi. BUT these
  questions leave an uneasy smell to this.....easy to blame the press and
  then buy the newspapers that continue to blame the press. Everyone guilty
  who buys pictures. That makes it everyone!
  More rumours ;
  1. Diana was pregnant
  2. Harry's father is Hewitt not Charles
  3. Diana was about to completely withdraw from public life
  Whatever the result it is still very sad. The reason it is different to
  Bosnia is that in many respects she was public property and in so doing,
  we all lost something - even if that something was only an image, a dream.
  The British are very good at grieving - watch the share prices of the
  souvenir producers rocket (eg Wedgewood). The funeral will be collective
  Elton John's "Candle in the wind" seems appropriate......

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  From: "Snorri" <s--@w--.nl>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Re: Death of Diana.. Conspiracy - definately! But who is responsible?
  Andy Glenn <a--@b--.com> schreef in artikel
  > The vehicle may well have been travelling at 120MPH when it hit the wall of
  > the tunnel. The one part of the story that does not make sense is this:-
  Looking at the wreckage and considering that it was an armored car, this
  may very well have been the case.
  The question would be why, just being chasedby press sharks doesn't really
  cut it.
  > If the driver of the car was 3 and a half times over the legal limit he
  > must of smelt like a brewery. Dodi Al Fiad's bodyguard was sitting in the
  > front passenger seat - right next to him. It seems unlikely that the
  > bodyguard would not have noticed the smell of alcohol on the drivers breath
  > or (after the equivelant of 6 pints of beer) been oblivious to his
  > inevitably slow reactions. 
  Absolutely, there is now ay that any bodyguard would have had the guy drive
  the car in that state.
  >Is it not possible that the driver of the car
  > was actually drugged in such a way that the symptoms of alcohol consumption
  > would not have been immediately apparent but would have caused such intense
  > intoxication so as to render him incapable of driving and thus to lose
  > control of the car (a Mercedes 500 SEC, one of the safest cars on the
  > road). 
  My own thoughts would go in the direction of the driver being administered
  a high alcohol dose after the fact.  Either at the crash site, or on the
  way to the hospital, or even in the hospital itself.
  >The post mortam of the driver would, of course, indicate that the
  > driver had been drinking and thus provide a scapegoat for the establishment
  > (whoever that might be in this instance).
  The only establishment which would qualify in this case would be Buckingham
  palace, unless of course this would have been an hit on Dodi and the
  Princess would have been a "bystander" in the whole thing.  I heard that in
  the Egyptian press there were report about a conspiracy, involving
  Buckingham, in which the motivation was that it could in no way be
  tolerated for a British Princess to possibly marry someone of Arabic
  descent.  The Lybian press picked up on the story and came to the same
  I would think that there is some sense in that view, espcially if there
  were actual plans for a marriage.  Nevertheless I would also think that
  there would have been more to it, possibly Dodi's background from his
  Mother's side.
  Interesting is that Dodi was buried in an amazing hurry, it is a bit early
  to arrive at a real theory but one thing is for sure, this was more than
  just an accident and in order to pull it off a rather high degree of
  organization would be required.

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  From: c--@u--.net
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.conspiracy.princess-diana,uk.misc,uk.current-events.princess-diana
  The shocking truth was discovered by the medical team of the
  Salpetriere hospital in eastern Paris who operated on Diana following
  her fatal car crash. She was several weeks pregnant by her Egyptian
  boyfriend Dodi Fayed, 41 the heir to Harrods empire.
  She was reported as having "thrown caution to the winds with Al Fayed.
  taking her sons on holiday in July on the yacht of Dodi's father,
  Mohammed Al Fayed, and hinted she would have a shock announcement
  within weeks."
  Now we know what the shock announcement was to have been. But with
  both Diana and Dodi dead there will be no little Arab half-brother for
  the Princes. And the question must be asked again; was it an accident,
  or was it homicide?

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  From: w--@m--.com
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: A Martyr for the Monarchy.......A brillant assassination??
  In one move MI6 have saved the monarchy, put an end to the Royal
  scandals. Silenced a critic of Britains munitions industry and allowed
  Charles to marry Camilla,  thus ensuring a smooth transition when
  Queen Elizabeth II dies without even firing a shot!!  How was it that
  a passenger in the front should survive yet both passenger in the back
  were killed?   Was the body guard an assassin who escaped with minor
  injuries? Why was it in all photographs taken of Diana in a car that
  she would wear her seat belt but this night, travelling at 120mph she
  wasn't? One can only speculate with what type of weapon was used to
  inflict the trauma on Dianas chest.  But MI6 don't make mistakes! 
   The blood never dries on the British empire!

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  From: Rotilla <r--@q--.com>
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Re: Was The Chauffer Shot?
  andrew wrote:
  > Stephen Philipp wrote:
  > > Good question Dave.
  > > Initially I thought it would be pretty hard to arrange this kind of
  > > accident, but the more I thought aboout it the more it seemed
  > > possible.
  > > Assume that they were being chased by assasins on motorcycles posing as
  > > papparazzi, and then were shot at. The driver would obviosly hit the gas
  > > hard, and then the driver or a tire could be shot, giving the resulting
  > > accident. Though the Mercedes was certanly mangled, it seems that the
  > > passengers in back should have survived. From what I saw on the news,
  > > the cars front was crunched back to the drivers seat and the top was
  > > flattened in the front  and pushed in a foot or so in the back.
  > > It seems to me that they hit a piling head-on and the car flipped up
  > > slamming the top into the piling or wall. I wonder if the passengers
  > > were finished off after the crash. As for motive for a killing who
  > > knows? Who or what country would object to former english royalty
  > > getting chummy with a prominent Egytian? I wonder.
  > > SP
  > I agree, if the passengers in the back seat had been straped it appeared
  > they very well could of servived, but who am I to say.  As for who or
  > what country, I think first of the I.R.A., it's the only group it makes
  > any sense would go after Diana.
  No, I don't see the IRA here. Not their style. On the other hand, this 
  tragedy has the rotting stink of the Priory de Sion all over it.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  From: (Andrew/)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.princess-diana,alt.nuke.the.USA,alt.retribution,alt.flame,aus.flame
  Subject: Dodo Delete
  In article <tydirium-3--@d--.suba.com>
             t--@s--.com "Tydirium Multimedia" writes:
  > A car wreck can VERY easily be engineered.  
  A car wreck is easy enough to engineer. For example there are a 
  famous set of spy novels where one method of assassination was
  to ride a motorcycle in front of a car as it was travelling at
  high speed around a bend. The pillion passenger would then aim
  a high intensity flash at the driver of the car. If this occured
  in a tunnel it would blind the driver for up to 10 seconds. 
  > Knowing full well that the driver would try to avoid the Paparazzi, a
  > brake or steering failure at speeds over (let's say) 100 MPH was
  > engineered.  Sooner or later, withing days or weeks, there would be enough
  > Paparazzi hassle to make the driver attain theat speed.  It's part of Di's
  > daily (ex) life, unfortunately.  Easy.
  The trouble is road accident damage can be very random. For example
  the front seat passenger has survived - he may be able to tell us
  whether or not he saw a flash, but considering that soon afterwards
  he hit a wall at 120mph no one will be suprised if he says he saw
  flashing lights.
  The footage of the accident recorded by the Parisean traffic control 
  CCTV was posted anonymously as an avi to alt.binaries.misc early this 
  morning but it was quickly cancelled by an irate american newsadmin who 
  has since been vocally opposing the creation of this group. Maybe someone 
  who downloaded the avi will repost it then we can decide for ourselves 
  what caused the alleged "accident". One person over on a.c.b-h declared 
  that he saw up to six "dime sized holes" appear in the windscreen of
  the mercedes just before it swerved into an oncoming Ford Mondeo that 
  was taking a family, including three children (now deceased), back to
  their hotel after a fun day out at Disney Land which was to be their
  > The question is: WHO?????
  Propaganda Due acting on Papal orders and financed by Du Pont, manufacturers
  of the world's finest sub-terranean anti-personell devices. 
  Ever since the botched Calvi job under Westminster Bridge and the 
  debacle of the Winston Shergar assassination, the Vatican has been 
  out to exact their revenge on British Royalty. There was an uncom-
  fortable truce between the House of Windsor and the Vatican during 
  the 80's but British refusal to provide air cover for the Vatican 
  during the Gulf War incensed the pontiff who declared on VNN (The 
  Vatican News Network) that Diana was no longer to be "The next Mother 
  Teresa". A position the pontiff had promised her in 1984 when she 
  followed papal decree and refused to open a new Wyeth factory in the 
  Welsh Catholic stronghold of Abergavenny.
  The Windsors responded with a mass rejection of the Catholic institution 
  of marriage. This resulted in all the Queen's progeny - apart from closet 
  homosexual Edward - all being divorced in the same year. An angry pontiff
  almost gave the whole conspiracy away when in a fit of rage he ordered in 
  a special Vatican controlled active service unit of the IRA to firebomb 
  the anscestral Windsor home at Windsor. The Vatican also instructed their 
  puppet government in Westminster to tax all royal personages, including, 
  God bless 'er, the Queen Mum herself.
  The burning of Windsor Castle, in which sixteen junior, and luckily non-
  photogenic members of the Royal Family lost their lives, forced the Queen
  to sign a treaty with the Vatican agreeing to abide by and promote the 
  one true faith in the UK. At the end of that year in her X-mas Speech to 
  the Nation, Queen Elizabeth II clearly blamed the murder of Christ on the 
  Jewish race. 
  The last straw for the Vatican happened only last week when brazen Diana
  allowed herself to be photographed whilst having protected sex with a 
  muslim and then drunkenly announced that she "was leaving Britain for good 
  because the last tory government where such assholes". John Paul the Second 
  took this as a personal insight and ordered in P2 to eliminate her forthwith.
  The car's brakes were interferred with and her regular driver (who is well
  trained in anti-terrorist driving techniques) was put out of commision by
  being fed a dodgy meat madras by the Catholic waiting staff at the Ritz. It
  is also thought that the Mercedes cruise control was hacked into over a
  land line from the Vatican and reprogrammed to accelerate to maximum revs
  when going around tight bends.  
  There is of course the rival Dodo Clone theory but I'm saving that one for
  [.sig witheld]

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  From: h--@m--.cis.yale.edu (H.D. Miller)
  Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.princess-diana,alt.nuke.the.USA,alt.retribution,alt.flame,alt.illuminati,alt.conspiracy
  Subject: Re: Dodo Delete
  In article <8--@a--.demon.co.uk>, (Andrew/) wrote:
  > In article <tydirium-3--@d--.suba.com>
  >            t--@s--.com "Tydirium Multimedia" writes:
  > > The question is: WHO?????
  > Propaganda Due acting on Papal orders and financed by Du Pont, manufacturers
  > of the world's finest sub-terranean anti-personell devices. 
  > Ever since the botched Calvi job under Westminster Bridge and the 
  > debacle of the Winston Shergar assassination, the Vatican has been 
  > out to exact their revenge on British Royalty. There was an uncom-
  > fortable truce between the House of Windsor and the Vatican during 
  > the 80's 
  I add this only as an clarifying note, but the truce between the Vatican
  and the House of Windsor was negotiated in early 1985, following nearly
  four years of intense but secret fighting, the commencement of which can
  be traced directly to the botched assassination attempt on Pope John Paul
  II's life on May 13, 1981.  An assassination attempt, it should be noted,
  that was carried out by a Muslim, Mehmed Ali Agca, and had been arranged
  by none other than Mohommed Al Fayed, father of the ill-fated Dodi.  
  Al Fayed, who desperately longed for British citizenship, was put up to
  the 1981 job by the current capo di tutti capi of the entire Windsor mob,
  Price Phillip, who at the time was still stinging from the 1979 death of
  his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, at the hands of the Vatican's special Irish
  It's a little known fact that the 1985 truce was actually negotiated  by a
  pair of Americans, Senator Edward Kennedy, who had been representing the
  Vatican's secret interests in U.S., and Vice-President George Bush, former
  CIA Chief, and Anglican lay minister, who was pressed into the temporary
  service of the Windsors by Jay Rockefeller, then governer of West Virginia
  and a fellow member of the Trilateral Commission. 
  Later, in 1990, Bush would help arrange the embarassment of the Vatican's
  highly placed special officer in Iraq, Chaldean Catholic and Iraqi Foreign
  Minister Tareq Aziz, by instructing American ambassador April Martin to
  lure him into encouraging Saddem Hussein to invade Kuwait.  The Windsors
  controlled the puppet government of Saudi Arabia, but had been shut out of
  the lucrative Kuwaiti market by the Machivellian machinations of Prince
  Ranier of Monaco, faithful papal underling.
  During the final stage of the Gulf War, the U.K. denied the Vatican much
  needed air support, thus the Swiss Guards' lightening thrust towards
  Kuwait City bogged down in the oil fields east of town, allowing the U.S.
  Marines to enter the city first, discrediting the Papal See's ability to
  defend its allies' territory.  The Windsors were thus able to strike a new
  deal with the reinstalled Kuwaiti government, brings the tiny nation and
  its wealth under their sphere of influence.
  My theory, which I believe will be proved by time, is that Prince Ranier
  (naturally at the behest of the Pope) arranged and carried out the murder
  of Princess Diana.  Partly as a warning to the Windsors, and partly as a
  revenge killing for the 1982 murder of Princess Grace (one of the most
  notable victims of the violence that followed the attempt on the life of
  the Pope in 1981), who died in a (cue ominous music) staged automobile
  H.D. Miller