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psychoceramics: too many cheap jokes!

Dear fellow crackpotologists,

I've noticed a disturbing trend on this mailing list,
namely the forwarding of messages that are clearly jokes,
rather than the product of genuine derangement.

Let us all remember that it is all too easy to achieve
cheap laughs by imitating the psychoceramic flavor of
the month.  I do not wish to deny that this may be done 
artistically and pleasingly [1]; but we must not 
forgot our true vocation.

Yours hieroglyphically,

Mitchell Porter
Psychoceramics Division
Neuropa Institute


   1. Indeed, the honest psychoceramicist must always 
   ask themselves, when confronted with a new specimen, 
   "Is this real, or a put-on?" This opens methodological
   questions which it would take me too far afield to