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psychoceramics: Fwd: cosimano speaks against christians

It'd be two kooks for the price of one if the quoted material were
real, but I don't suppose it is.

From: uriel49 @ aol.com (Uriel49)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: cosimano speaks against christians
Date: 22 Sep 1997 00:31:28 GMT

This is a talk given by Charles Cosimano, author of a number of books on
psychic power and psionics.  It is a transcript of a tape secretly made at
a recent secret conference of a number psychics and magicians on dealing
with what they called "the Christian Threat."  It will give you an idea of
the length such people are willing to go to destroy the people of God.

"Good afternoon.

First, I would like to thank the organizers of this conference for the
splendid lunch we have just enjoyed.  Having suffered through far too many
vegetarian dishes with only temperance beverages to drink, I will confess
that there is nothing in this world that beats a good steak and good bourbon.

I would also like to thank them for inviting me here today.  Ten years
ago, when my first book on Psionics was published, I never dreamt that I
would find myself speaking to such an interesting body of thinkers and that
I would be regarded as the celebrity I seem to have become.  I would never
blubber the way Sally Field did at the oscars so many years ago, but after
so many years of seeming to labor alone in the vineyard of Psionics, my
sentiments are the same.  It has been a long road, and the path still is
long before us, but we are approaching a time when all our work will be
awarded the recognition that it deserves and Psionics and Radionics will
burst forth from the realm of quack healing that it has far too long
inhabited and take its rightful place as the dominant means of projecting
power in the world. 

We may, I think, finally begin to truly look forward to the time when
humanity will be divided into two classes:  those who can use Psionic
technology and those who will be the slaves of those who can.  It will not
be long before the Psionic Death Ray is working (and in the last year there
have been a number of very significant experiments proving the lethality of
the existing instruments) and the world as we know it will cease to exist,
to be replaced by a far better and more interesting one.

But today we here are concerned with the use of existing technology for
one purpose alone and that purpose is the final solution, if I may coin a
phrase, to the problem of the Christians.

Being a Theosophist, albeit a rather bad one, I have naturally acquired a
taste for definitions.  This may be due to the fact that our Society has a
number of people in it who take such things very seriously, in fact its
present US president has just stepped down as president of the American
Dictionary Association, or some such group, and thus I am used to hearing
terms defined at the beginning of a talk.

I will continue that tradition here for just a minute because I want you
to understand what I, and we, mean when I say the word "Christian."

When I speak of Christians, I am refering very specifically to what are
considered either evangelical conservative or fundamentalist Christians,
and in this I am also including Roman Catholics who adopt certain
fundamentalist behaviors and mindsets as well as Jehovah's Witnesses, even
though they are not considered to be Christian by their more orthodox
brethren for reasons which we need not concern ourselves with today.  The
definition, for the purpose of our work here can even go so far as to
include Mormons and other such cults.   I am far more interested in
behavior than theology, for obvious reasons.

In any event, before I confuse myself, let me make my position on the
problem of Christians quite clear.  The world is not big enough for them
and us, so they have got to go and so I am going to give you my view on the
various means we have at our disposal to eliminate what our previous
speaker has rightly termed "the Foulness that is Christ."

This is not the simple thing that it may appear to be.  History has shown
a number of instances when it appeared that this manifestation of profound
mental illness seemed to be headed for final extinction only to be revived
and continue its noxious teachings.   For example, consider Restoration
England.  The Puritans had been destroyed, discredited.  Everything they
stood for was held in profound disdain and subjected to continuous
ridicule, while at the same time the arts, sciences and philosophy enjoyed
a burst of growth unequaled until our own century.  It was the Age of
Newton and Locke, good beef, cheap gin and free sex for all.  In short, a
golden age, one of the great times to be alive.  The ideas that came out of
that time not only created modern science, for Jacob Bronowski rightly said
that "in the year Gallileo died, Sir Isaac Newton was born, and by the time
he was through it no longer mattered what the Pope thought about anything,"
but also the philosophical underpinnings of the French Enlightenment, the
rise of Freemasonry and thus the founding of our own great Republic.

Voltaire, who was by no means unversed in human affairs, said that within
fifty years of his passing Christianity would pass from the earth.  And he
was wrong.  Because within that time Christianity, particularly the noxious
form it manifests in today, had re-emerged from the ashes to again take a
dominant role and reduce Victorian society to a gray mass of hypocricy and
cowardice, the two hallmarks of a Christian civilization.

Again, in the 1920's in our own country, the forces that would drive the
Christians underground were at work again.  There was the general public
revulsion against Prohibition, that labor of the Christians determined to
enslave a society to their own weakness and prejudices.  That event along
drove many people who otherwise would have tolerated Christians to their
senses and made them view the fundamentalist scum with disgust.  And there
was the famous Scopes Trial, in which the great fundamentalist gas bag,
William Jennings Bryan, was shown by Clarence Darrow to be nothing more
than a loudmouthed fool before the entire nation and was thus driven to a
deserved and unmarked grave.

By the 1930's the Christians were in disarray.  But unfortunately they did
not stay that way.  In 1948 a cultural disaster struck not far from here at
Wheaton College, when a revival broke out that gave the world the likes of
Billy Graham and Bill Bright, that used car salesman of god who founded
Campus Crusade for Christ, which has worked so hard to pollute the minds of
the young and lead them into superstition and slavery.  The Bible Boom of
the 1950's is scarcely credible to those of you fortunately too young to
have lived your childhoods through it, but it can only be described as
bizarre, a time of civil religion that paid lip service to church going to
impress the neighbors but having little real effect upon society at large,
for which those of us who survived it are thankful.

By the mid-60s, god was pronounced dead and I do not think it is possible
to relate the incredibly liberating effect that pronouncement had upon
those who heard it, even those of us who had long before abandoned the
civil religion of the time and had learned to hold all manifestations of
Christianity in contempt.

Unfortunately god refused to stay dead and with the rise of the
televangelists, the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the world, the
Christian Right has emerged as the greatest menace to human freedom and
evolution since Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Now, you may wonder why I gave that short historical digression, but my
reason is very simple.  We cannot count on the forces of culture and
history alone to rid us of the Christian peril.  Christianity is not going
to fall like the Soviet Empire, relatively bloodlessly.  It has been
counted out before and always come back, just like a cockroach colony.  It
is true that its cultural influence is greatly muted by our pluralistic
view of society and the fact that our population is better educated than at
any time in human history, thus making it harder for them to move people as
mindless masses, but that does not mean that they are going to disappear. 
And like a virus, it only takes one to cause an infection.
What this means is that we have to take stronger measures in order to
accomplish our goal.  And we are indeed fortunate in the fact that the
weaknesses of Christians are as many as they are glaring.  Psionics, as you
already know, gives us the means to properly exploit those weaknesses and
will ultimately enable us to reach our goal, the total destruction of
Christian influence in this country.

As all of you know, my field of work is primarily Psionic warfare, and as
you all also are aware, it has been my long-standing belief that the
principles of conventional warfare apply to Psionic combat as well, the
only difference being the weapons involved and the nature of the
combatants.  With that in mind, I will now explain the methods by which
Psionics can be used to demolish the Christians.

First, we must examine the enemy to learn his weaknesses and, as I have
said, the weaknesses of the Christians are many.  In many ways, the
Christian is his own worst enemy, for unless you stuff a rubber ball into
it, it is virtually impossible for a Christian not to destroy himself every
time he opens his mouth.  The ideas of Christians are so obnoxious to the
general populace that they cannot but condemn themselves to oblivion.  All
we have to do is help them along.  Consider this little fact.  Recent
polling data shows that 3/4 of the population of the United States would
rather live next door to a homosexual couple than to a Christian.

Given this, it would seem that our first line of attack is the public
image of Christians and this is notoriously easy to accomplish.

You are all familiar with my equipment, I trust.  I assume you are also
familiar with my interpretation of thoughtforms?  Yes, thank you.  The key
to exploiting this particular weakness is in the thoughtform and for this
we can already use the existing one that corresponds to the general
suspicion of Christians that is felt by all educated people.  Yes, such a
thoughtform does exist and if I can have the first slide, please.

If you look at this slide, I have made a rough rendering of the
thoughtform as a sphere.  A very rough sphere as I am a writer, not an
artist.  (pause for laughter)   Anyway, the thoughtform is not particularly
coherint for the simple reason that it is put together by a mass of
different individuals all reacting to things in their own fashion, so what
you have is a sort of amorphous mass that is floating around and producing
some influence but nowhere near what it can become capable of.
Our job is to take that mass and transform it from unorganized energy to
organized energy, or at least to more efficiently organized energy, sort of
like what an old steam engine does.  We do this by a combination of
visualization and Psionic amplification.

If I may have next slide please.

This is the pattern I created that is the energy equivalent of the
anti-christian thoughtform that I just illustrated.  Now for those of you
familiar with all my work, you already know what comes next, but for those
of you so benighted as to not be (laughter) I will explain.

This pattern acts as a witness sample for the thoughtform.  The method by
which it is divined out is explained in the handout you have in your
information packet so I don't have to explain that now.  Next slide please.

This is the placement of the pattern on the witness plate of the radionic
box.  The rate is taken on the dials and when the helmet is plugged in you
will be in contact with that thoughtform.

Once you have the contact rate and have made personal contact with the
thoughtform, your task is to make it into a coherint astra entity capable
of action.  You do this by a series of visualizations in which you compress
the thoughtform, squeezing out the impurities as it were, and instructing
in the task of defeating the christians, in this case, getting into the
minds of the public in general and making them feel incredible revulsion at
the mere thought of a Christian.  A verbal such as "Christians Suck!, or
Christians--Yeeeech!," may be used as a key for the thoughtform to transmit
into the minds of the public.   Next slide please.

Here we have an outer-space photograph of the United States.  These are
easily obtainable from either the local library or any number of web sites
from which they can be downloaded.  This is your target witness.  Next
slide please.

This is a standard radionic box set up to transmit the energy from the
thoughtform to the target witness.  All that is needed is the addition of
some external energy source to get it going and that can be as simple as
focusing the beam from a high-intensity lamp on the unit.  I prefer to run
an amplified current through the machine and that is accomplished by simply
plugging the output of an audio amplifier into the input jack of the
instrument and turning the amplifier on.  Those of you using an arrangement
similar to the radio box on my web site merely have to leave the radio
plugged in.

This arrangement will add to the power of the thoughtform as it beams to
the public of the United States, creating a tremendous distaste in the
public mind for anything Christian.

Now, it is possible, with some work, to modify this basic thoughtform by
adding certain ideas to it for the public to pick up on, such as all
preachers are crooks, on or off of television, or that all preachers are
child molesters.  Even though neither statement is true, the public will
instinctively operate on the assumption that they are and will view
Christian clergy with even greater suspicion than they already do.

All right, another method of attack, which derives from this first, is to
amplify the general distaste that communities have for a church in their
presence.  This is a quite recent phenomenon, as churches used to be
considered highly desirable things to have around.  But as their presence
puts a strain on parking facilities, brings lots of noise on Sunday morning
when people are trying to sleep and takes property off the local tax rolls,
people tend to rather they were built elsewhere and local politicians,
always looking for a cheap vote, will tend to agree.  Added to that the
fact that churches will often bring undesirables, such as the homeless or
illegal aliens in for shelter and you have plenty of reason for people not
to want such a thing in their nice, quiet neighborhood.

This takes a bit of doing, but study the newspaper for stories about
controversies around church property and zoning.  When it is obvious that
it is a Christian church, set up a thoughtform in that area to make people
really not want those kind of people around.  If you have a witness of the
local city hall, put a thoughtform in it to make the politicians agree and
not grant the zoning permit.

Now let's take a look at means by which the Christians themselves can be

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to kill them, or even to
injure them.  All that is necessary is for them to cease being Christian. 
And this is relatively simple once you recognize the weaknesses that they
possess both as groups and as individuals.

Christians, as we define them for the purpose of this talk, tend to be
very group oriented even though they may be quite individualistic in many
areas of their lives.  The local church (which may be 30 miles away but
they still cling to that 1950s notion) is the central point of their
spiritual lives and if something really bad happens there they will begin
to doubt their faith something fierce, unless it is a personal affront, in
which case their faith is confirmed at the expense of those they believe
are persecuting them and they just go off to a different church or
denomination.  Take that last bit seriously, because if you do this stuff
wrong you might get a stronger opponent than before.

Next slide please.

This is a sort of generic Christian church building.  You are no doubt
wondering why I bother with a slide of it, but bear with me.  In our work
the building itself becomes a target.

Now!  I am not talking about burning the place down, fun though that may
be.  That only strengthens the congregation and we don't want that!  No,
the building is used as the target for the Psionic field that is going to
be placed around it.  Next slide please.

Here we have another of my artistic renderings (laughter) in which you can
see a field has been placed around the building itself.  This is a very
specific field and it is designed to not let any energy out of the
building!  In other words, in occult terms it is a classic mirror shield. 
In essence it is forcing the people inside to stew in their own juices and
not have any effect on the outside world.  This is the best method to use
against Pentecostal-type denominations. 

Why have I singled them out for this treatment?  Well, unlike the rest of
the Christians, who can be pretty well removed from public influence by
simply making people ignore them, Pentecostals actually put out a hell of a
lot of energy.  They pray and expect their prayers to be answered, unlike
most other denominations.  So they have to be treated in the same way as
you would treat a genuine psychic opponent. 

What the mirror shield does is it prevents anything they do from getting
out, thus creating a pressure cooker effect inside.  As they put out more
and more energy, this creates a stronger and stronger field inside the
chruch building itself.  While this build-up is going on, the people in the
church will become very happy, as they feed off it and actually kind of get
high on the energy, but as this continues, it will start to overload and
all of the little frustrations of any group will become stronger and
stronger, all the little slights and insults, the misunderstandings, all
the things that get people mad at each other will become stronger and
stronger until kablooey!  (laughter)  They have one hell of a fight! 
People will start screaming at each other and next thing you know a whole
bunch of the will walk out or start a movement to fire the pastor or both. 
It can be great fun to remote view on something like that.

You see there is a reason why they make such a big deal about internal
dissension.  Christians live on group energy and if the energy is
disruptive it wrecks everything they are trying to do.

Another method that works real well is to fire a disruption pattern at the
pastor.  Christians tend to pay lip service to follow-the-leader but the
custom of roast preacher has been followed at most of their Sunday dinners.
 The only thing is that they cannot accomplish things on their own, they
need someone to sort of organize for them and the pastor is usually the
organizing agency.  After all, they didn't hire him because his wife gave
good organ! (laughter)  If the pastor is rendered ineffective, the church
will be ineffective.

This is the sort of campaign that has to be waged like a genuine Psionic
war, so read my Psionic Combat if you have not already done so.  You have
to learn his weaknesses and exploit them, while at the same time removing
any protection that his congregation wife or mother may have placed around
him.  You will often hear the term "Blood of Jesus," as a protective
screen.  Treat it as any other protective field and dissolve it with a
balancing rate.

So much for direct attacks on the preacher.  The other method, which is
often more successful, is to plant a Psionic landmine in the doorway of the
church charged with the thought that anyone who passes through it will feel
an unreasoning dislike for the pastor.  When this thoughtform is fully
charged, you can imagine the effect it will have on the congregation.  The
formerly well-loved and respected pastor will become a pariah and soon be
looking for a new posting.

So much for dealing with contemporary problems involving a body of
Christians.  Let us now consider destroying their future, their youth.

Now that is a word we do not often hear these days, but the young people
of a church are, in a very real sense, its future and if it loses them it
loses its base.  And in this battle we have all the advantages.  We have
time, we have the ability to act on their minds and very souls and we have
the culture itself on our side.

Christianity is totally uncool.  The problem is getting the young folks to
realize that.  For this the line of attack can take a number of forms.

First, it is necessary to plant into their minds not mere doubt, but total
disrespect for the opinions of their parents and all elders in general. 
Fortunately for us, this is merely acting on the basic pattern in our
culture and all we need do is create and energize thoughtforms that will
make the young people responsive to those currents while blocking out all
the others that would make them want to listen to the old farts in church
or at home.  I am certain that you are all more than capable of thinking of
ways of accomplishing that so I need go into no more details on it.

The second method is to use their biology against them.  Adolescence is
the time when the juices begin flowing.  The Christians would seek to
divert those energies into such things as sports and cold showers.  We must
direct them into the places that nature intended, with the addition of such
interesting and kinky things as we can put into their impressionable little

If I can have the next slide please.

Ok, stop drooling.  The naked young woman in the doorway is a well-known
Chicago area submissive.  What is being done is that as I am whipping her,
the sexual energy she is putting out is being gathered by the pyramidal
device pointed at her pelvic chakra and being filtered by a radionic device
you can see over in the corner.  Next slide please.

This is the Psionic arrangement in more detail.  As you can see, the
radionic box is hooked into a tape recorder.  The tape is recording the
sexual desire that she is emitting for future use.  Now, as you all know,
painful stimulus, such as the whipping she is getting in the first slide,
causes the human energy field to expand, so what is happening is that each
time the whip hits her, there is a spike in her field that is being
recorded on the tape.  By whipping her in a rythmic fashion, I am causing
the same rythm to appear on the tape. 

Next slide please.

This tape, as you can see, is being played into a radionic transmitter
with the photograph of a church building as the receiver witness.  What is
happening at this point is that everyone in that building is being
bombarded with the sexual energy of my assistant.  As the young people in
that church are the most susceptible to that energy, they will emerge from
the service horny as hell, with results as you can imagine.

Next slide please.

Here we see another technique for transmitting that energy.  As you can
see, she is strapped into the chair, and no that is not an electric chair,
it only looks like one, with the helmet hooked to the transmitter.  Next
slide please.

This is a view of her from the front.  This will make it clearer the type
of energy that is being sent.  Not only are the clamps on her breasts
providing the painful stimuli, but she also has a vibrator running inserted
where it will do the most good.  As you can tell from her expression, she
is in full arousal and has possibly orgasmed several times at this point in
the transmission.  Again, the photograph of the church is the reciever
witness and this experiment was carried out during their Wednesday night
prayer meeting.  The result of it can probably be imagined.

What is being done here is the sexual arousal felt by the young woman is
being amplified and directed by the Psionic transmission units.  The use of
s/m is deliberate as it is the most sure means of creating a powerful
response both in the transmitting individual (who is heavily into it
anyway) and the receivers, who may not know that they are, but will very
soon.  This has the added advantage in that the extreme negative response
offical Christendom has to that form of sexual expression will cause the
young person to make the break with Christianity all the quicker.

Anyway, that should give you some methods to experiment with.  I hope that
when we next meet we will all have good news and that our enemies, the
Christians, will be thoroughly discomforted by our efforts."