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psychoceramics: The GODBOX

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>                The Neural Sensory Translator (playfully called the
>"Godbox"(tm)) is
>                an electronic system capable of quantumly altering space
>and time.
>                It was developed with the help of Dolphins from the
Bahamas, Key
> [Image]        West Florida and the spinner Dolphins from Kealakekua Bay,
>                Island, Hawaii. It uses a more advanced design and concept
>than the
>                ancient technologies of the "Philadelphia Project,
>Project's Phoenix
>                & Rainbow".
>The system was developed and improved several times after working with these
>Dolphins. The system is an "active" rudimentary "force field projector". By
>this I mean, it creates from a singular "point source antenna", a
>dimensional standing wave using special holographic waveforms that are
>outputted from the system using an electromagntic low band carrier wave less
>than .01 watts!
>Some people say that the standing wave is a multi-dimensional pattern. I
>feel this to be the case. After experimenting with the system for many years
>now, it appears to have 4th dimensional characteristics. These "time-like"
>characteristics show themselves when using the "backward" time signature
>output more so than the "forward" time output. Different holographic
>waveforms have greater or lesser altering characteristics. This technology
>will form the basis for the computerized version of the R2 Air Pollution
>control system. That system will have no moving parts such as in the
>existing system.
>The "dimensional standing wave characteristics" are created
>electromagnetically. To create the dimensional field, I needed to develope a
>technique to analyze structural forms. A forward and a backward "frequency
>space field" is first assembled mathematically in my holographic waveform
>scanning system, called the "scanner". The scanned object is then "altered
>in perspective" numerically so that it can be electromagnetically "played
>back" by the Godbox(tm) system. These "coordinates" are then transfered into
>the memory of the Godbox(tm) for playback. The basic memory circuit uses
>aproximately 2 thousand individual bytes of information per holoform(tm)
>(holographic waveform) to reconstruct the frequency space coordinates of the
>initially "scanned object". If the detail is required to be greater, more
>frequency space coordinates need be generated. I will release more
>holoforms(tm) as time goes on and conditions indicate.
>In a special section of this web site will be posted selected "holographic
>waveforms, called holoforms(tm)" that I have tested in the Godbox(tm)
>system. I have about 7000 holoforms(tm) in the database to date. This was
>created over 11 years of research and development. These holoforms(tm) drive
>the output circuits of the Godbox(tm) to re-create from the system's
>electromagnetic output, the desired subject matter or condition. Please read
>the biographical and historical data section of this website to understand
>more on holoforms(tm) and why I am releasing in a careful and controlled way
>certain ones.
>Why develop such an item? This is a tool - nothing more or less. The
>concepts behind the tool deal with realities the mystics have pondered on
>for many eons. The so-called "magicical phenomena" of the ages has been
>technologically duplicated. It works through standard physics.
>This uses a concept of folding space/time. In olden days the concepts for
>such were called the "Word". The "Shekinah word" is believed to be the
>"algorithm" (mathematical equation) that made the "Arc of the Covenant"
>energetically capable of communicating with God (the all-and-mighty aspects
>of space-time and substance).
>To use such a system properly it is a salvation. Used in personal egoic
>ways, it will prove to be one's ultimate destruction. Can I suggest that the
>user be aware?
>If you care to get more information on the background of this work, please
>refer to my biographical and history section. I believe you will understand
>where I am coming from.
>Shalom B'nai Elohim - Good luck and God's speed!
>The Philosopher's Stone
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