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psychoceramics: MerKaBa

Dear Friends,

I found the following post to be exciting and profound, pointing
to a "new" technology using the ethers and sound to make physical 
and ecological repairs on Earth. I sense some of this is inspired --
a gift from higher realms. Read it and see what impressions you have.

Also, you will be interested to know that an English crop circle 
discovered July 11, 1997 and nicknamed "The Woodborough Rings" had 12
intersecting circles in it -- compared to the Flower of Life symbol
with 19 rings...

For more information about the pollution clearing project or tools used,
email CHBABA--@a--.com.




and the  Flower of Life

Interview by Scott Parshall

Drunvalo Melchizedek's reputation precedes him.  I heard his name for
the first time a few months ago, and it continued to appear through
people I know.  He teaches.  His teachings have been videotaped as a
series, and word is getting around about Drunvalo, just as he has gotten
the word out about the Flower of Life.  A design composed of nineteen
intertwined circles surrounded by two, the Flower of Life has been
uncovered in all parts of the world.  This is not surprising, as
Drunvalo shares that from this one symbol all sacred geometry, without
exception, can be derived.  "It doesn't matter if it's the laws of
physics, the laws of music, or the laws of biology; they're all there,
and from there all knowledge of the universe can be deciphered."

That is no small claim, yet what intrigued me the most before meeting
the man was also the thing about which I had heard the least: some sort
of anti-pollution technology.  I knew Drunvalo taught people about the
MerKaBa. Appearing similar to a sphere with a disk running through it,
the MerKaBa is a geometrical field around the human body.  When
activated through a breathing process Drunvalo teaches, the MerKaBa
reaches out 55 feet from the body.  The first friend that mentioned Mr.
Melchizedek's name to me had his own enlightening experiences with the
MerKaBa, but all I could think about was drinkable water.  After all,
what the world needs today is a clean place to be.  It was a pollution
reversal, I had heard.

Scott:  I have read just bits and pieces about your anti-pollution
 Exactly what is it that you're doing?

Drunvalo:  The technology is extremely simple; it's not complex. There
are only three components to one of these little machines.  One is a
coil that's based on Tesla technology which we have improved upon so
much that the coil doesn't even need electricity. There is another coil,
based on the geometries of the human MerKaBa.  In between those two
coils there's a little transducer, which is a computer chip generating a
sound.  It's just music; that's all it is: music is how we're cleaning
the cities up.

Let me describe how we got to the sound we're using, then it will make
more sense.  Every molecule is vibrating and puts out microwaves, a very
weak field.  We've created a very sensitive machine to pick this up and
we've been able to get the microwave emissions off a rain cloud.  We've
converted those wave signatures into something that you can hear, into
sound.  That's all we've done.  So in essence all you're doing is
hearing the sound of a rain cloud.  We put that through the longer coil
that perfects the sound.  In other words, the imperfections inherent in
the machine are turned back into the original sound by this coil.  Then
the other coil acts as an antenna to distribute the sound through space.
 All this little machine is running on is one hundred milliamps, which
is one watt.  Once you've turned one of the machines on, a tube that
looks like a donut forms around the machine.  Within 72 hours, that
field will expand to about 35 miles.  What the field does is convert the
hydrocarbons into oxygen and water vapor.  It really works.  The right
waveform acts as a catalyst and breaks down the molecules into other
molecules, and you just need to know what that waveform is.  When you do
you break things down that are noxious and toxic, turning them into
things that are positive and helpful to life.

When the machines are set up you can actually see this take place.  I've
seen this many times: you go into a valley where there's pollution and
you can see a big deep cloud.  Then when the machine is tuned right at
the moment when you get to tuning - the valley goes clear
instantaneously!  It doesn't happen if you're turning the machine on for
the first time.  It take three days for it to grow out.

Also, we're learning that this field is alive.  It appears to be at
least as conscious as a tree.  It's aware of the persons that are doing
the tuning and it responds to them as they come into the room.  These
fields are generated naturally in certain areas, creating the ecosystems
that are there.  Every time we analyze the deserts, they have reversed
fields.  You could probably reverse the field back again and the whole
area would go green.  We're suspecting that very strongly right now, but
we don't know that for sure.

One of our researchers took a machine into the Cape Cod area, which is
very, very dirty - especially the water - and some of the things it's
doing we don't  really understand, but it cleaned out the air pollution.
 It also cleaned the water.  Cape Cod Bay, which was really slimy and
dirty, is now crystal clear.  Over one hundred new life forms have come
into that bay since, including dolphins and whales, which they've never
seen there.

Scott:  It sounds completely full of promise.

Drunvalo:  It does; it's very exciting.  It also drops the crime rate. 
We can lay maps out, without ever looking at the city, and we can tell
with good accuracy where all the crime areas are in town.  We look at
the stress lines moving through the city, called the geopath lines, and
determine the direction in which they are moving.  We do this because
the machines have to be placed on the geopath lines.  Wherever three
geopath lines cross and make a triangle - depending on the size of that
triangle - the people living in that area are going to be subjected to
very high stress levels, and that's where high crime rates are.

Scott:  Does this technology have a name?

Drunvalo:  We haven't gotten around to those ways of thinking about
things yet.  The units are called R2 active and R2 passive. Scott:  You 
make it sound as if the environment could be cleaned at a moment's 
notice, when we choose to make it so.  I'm glad to hear that.

Drunvalo:  I believe we will be able to bring the earth back to the way
it was a long time ago.  One of my teachers is a Hopi tribe out of
 Part of their prophecy is that right before the time of purification,
is when they go from the fourth to the fifth world, the entire would is
cleaned of all pollution.  The water, the land, everything.  Because I
believe in them so much and because I'm seeing what I'm seeing here, I
believe that will happen.

There are people in Germany studying waveform and ecosystem interaction.
 They plated a piece of metal and threw it into a very dirty lake.  In
than a few months it went crystal clear.  They're using the waveform of
oxygen.  Dr. Valerie Hunt reported that.  We found another person that
is putting waveform into water, and we're just about to study that work.
 In California they rate their lakes like a report card, from A to F. 
This person went to a D-minus lake and poured in five gallons of this
water that had been treated with a special waveform.  We don't know what
waveform that is yet, but in three months it went from a D-minus to an
A.  Then they had a big rain that washed all the toxins from the
surrounding area into the lake.
 They thought it was going to kill the lake again.  It did go back to a
D-minus when all that stuff washed in, but within seventy-two hours it
was an A-plus, the highest rating possible given by the state of
California.  So there are very promising works that are being done in
the world, and I'm really excited.  And, it's a lot of fun.

Scott:  Do you think that there will be a parallel change in human
consciousness, prior to the possibility that the earth would be

Drunvalo:  Well, you're going into belief patterns now; but yes, I do. 
To anyone who's watching what's going on, it's obvious that we are going
through a huge consciousness change.  There are all kinds of ways to
look at it, but definitely what's happening now is extraordinary.  I
think we're just beginning.  I do believe that we are going to go into a
state of oneness, a very high level of consciousness.  That's something
that the Hopis also say we will do: right at the time that the world
goes clear, it becomes united as one being.  I believe that will happen,
pretty soon.  All of the prophecies range between the winter of 1998 to
the year 2012.

Scott:  I've always chosen to believe that this change can come about in
a peaceful manner, if we choose.

Drunvalo:  I do too.  The prophecies of Edgar Cayce predicted great
violence, but that prediction was made from the consciousness level of
that time.  We have been changing.  If we continue to change in the way
we're going, I'm very hopeful.  It's like a dream: If we can come
together in our hearts and begin to see something happening that is
positive, that is what is going to occur.  What I'm seeing all around
the world is big changes taking place that point to our being able to
cooperate, at least on a spiritual level; to dream a dream of a new
world that is beautiful and not violent and weird.

Scott:  Do you believe in angels?

Drunvalo:  I believe that there are angels, and so does 65 percent of
America, according to Time magazine.  I believe that they are, but I
believe that we as humans exist on many other levels that we're not
aware of - that we have parallel lives, you might say.  Every one of us
is connected through the angelic realms.  We all have at least two, and
sometimes thousands, of angels that are connected to us.  There are
always two angels that are us; we are them.  When my angels first
appeared to me, those were the first words they said:  "We are you."  I
didn't know what they meant at that time, and it took me about ten years
to figure it out.  We all have that connection, although not everyone is
aware of it.

In the angelic realms, it's a near-formless state.  The angels don't
really have the shape of a human being with wings, though they can. 
They can take on any shape they want.  If it's easier for you to see an
angel with wings, then that's what they'll use.  My wife saw my angels
before I did.  She saw two o tall beings - about twelve feet high - with
big wings.  One was purple; one was green.  When I first saw them, I saw
two  spheres of light come into the room.  One was purple; one was
green. They were about 18 inches across, and very bright.  So I felt
kind of funny for the first year because my wife was seeing angels, and
I could only see these spheres.  I finally did see them as my wife did,
but they told me that in truth the sphere was the closest thing to them
in the world of form.

Scott:  Do you have a relationship with them now?

Drunvalo:  Yes.  It's never gone away, not even for a minute.  They've
been there all along, and I really don't think I could have done this
work without their help.

Scott:  Would you call that state we're evolving toward Christ

Drunvalo:  I believe that the Christians in the world, from where they
see what Jesus has done here - which I deeply respect - would call this
Christ consciousness.  Other people who are not in that alignment may
just call it unity consciousness.  Call it whatever name you want, but
it will be a state of unity where you will know that when you are
looking into the eyes of another person, God is there.  God is present
everywhere: all around you as well as within you.

I do believe, from all that the angels are telling me, that the
situation on the earth is extraordinary.  Since the beginning of time
they have never seen a scenario happening like the one that's happening
here on the planet today.
 They believe that all of life is going to be affected by what happens
on earth.  It's primarily tied to the fact that we are evolving
differently than anyone has ever seen before.  That difference is
centered around the speed at which we're doing it. We're moving very
fast, but we don't know that because we're inside the system.  We don't
have anything to compare it to.
 Relative to the rest of the universe, no one has ever seen a race make
kinds of changes we're making, at this rate.  That's what they're
telling me, anyway.

Scott:  Is it your understanding that at a certain point in our
evolution we will rise above the law of karma?  Maybe not rise above it,
but move through it?

Drunvalo:  Cause and effect is always here.  Karma, meaning seeking for
balance of actions that one has taken, can be transmuted at a certain
 We are definitely under the law of karma where we are now.  Most people
aren't even aware that their thoughts and feelings are creating their
realities.  Eventually there will come a time when our individual karmic
pattern can be transmuted for the higher good of the universe.  The
things that we have done, mistakes that we have made, can be let go of,
but we need to be in a particular state of consciousness in order to do
that.  As long as we're where we are right now, karmic patterns keep us
locked into the way we are - for most people.  There always are
exceptions, because life is organic and not everybody is playing with
the same deck.  Some people have been here forever and are tied to these
patterns, and millions more are coming from very high dimensions,
choosing to work in these lower realms because of the extraordinary
conditions that are here right now.

I don't see [karma] as something that's going to hinder growth of
spirit, although it does now.  It really controls very deeply the way we
go and don't go, but I don't think it will forever.

Scott:  I think it does now because we're semi-conscious.

Drunvalo:  Real unconscious.  We're playing a game that we don't even
know we're playing.

Scott:  Is there anything you would like to say to our readers that you
haven't said yet?

Drunvalo:  The most important thing I know to say, which is very simple
yet nobody ever hears, is that the greatest changes in consciousness are
not when you're going to Tibet or the great pyramids or Machu Picchu. 
They happen in everyday life, in ordinary situations. They happen from
moment to moment, especially in the family and in those that are close
to you.  Relationships that are everyday hold potential for great change
in a person.  So, instead of thinking that people need to do something
in order to accelerate, if they could only see the sacredness of what is
right before them they would understand that the portal back home to God
and to a sacred life is there at every moment.

Scott:  Right where they are.

Drunvalo:  Right where you are, right now.  You go down to buy groceries
and you're talking to the clerk.  At that very moment, if that act is
done with pure love, it will transform them, and you, and everyone
around.  So instead of looking and thinking that something has to be
special or extraordinary for the change to happen just realize that it's
present at every single moment.

This article is reprinted from One Heart Productions, Fall 1997; 321
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