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psychoceramics: from the bowels of kookdom

An Ohio man has been defecating
lesbian and gay books at public libraries, leaving behind anonymous notes
which he claims to be "the righteous guardian of public decency.''
to the "Akron Beacon Journal" (Nov. 21), the vandal has "hit library
in Dayton, Kettering and Huber Heights more than a dozen times," focusing
books "about homosexual education guides and the United Nations."

The damaged books are "sometimes found in the men's room toilet or in the
book return area," and have included such titles as "Zack's Story," a book
about "growing up with same sex parents."  Notes attached by the
have condemned such books as "an affront to public decency," and asked:
dare you corrupt young children?''

Though a suspect has not yet been identified in this case, the "Journal"
reports that police and library officials "have saved some of the soiled
books and feces for possible DNA analysis."

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