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psychoceramics: OJ and the Columbian Cartel

Taken partly from the OJ was framed page at 


Defiantely worth a visit! (Note Bundy murders refers to the address of 
the Simpson murders)

"New" Evidence is slowly emerging about the new nature of the Goldman 
Family and their ties to Organized Crime and the Colombian Drug Cartel. 

Finally, some three and a quarter years after the Bundy Murders, we can 
finally present to the public is learning the facts which were first 
surpressed by Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden, and later hidden by 
Daniel Petrocelli. 

Our tale begins in years before 1985. A young Lawyer joined the District 
Attorney's Office, where he became Cook County Prosecutor. But the life 
of a civil servant prosecutor suited him about as much as it suited 
Darden & Clark -- unable to concoct a bogus media trial as a path to 
wealth, Glass decided to join those he was prosecuting. 

By August 1985, Marvin Glass had reached the top of his "profession". He 
was living the "highlife", throwing grand parties and, with his 
faithful, loving spouse, living life to the hilt. It was a millionaires 
lifestyle financed by collecting $7,500 plus a percentage on all the 
cocaine and marijuana entering the Chicago market. Glass acted as agent, 
introducing drug dealers to Colombian smugglers. When he had a minor 
dispute with a partner. He hired an assassin to eliminate the partner. 
Cost? $2,500. 

Arrested in 1985, and tried for Money Laundering early in 1986, Glass 
faced a potential sentence of 210 years in Federal Prisons. He 
immediately cut a deal; ultimately plea-barginning the charges and, in 
July 1986, receiving a sentence of only eight years -- for all intents 
and purposes, the drug charges were set aside and the charge of FALSE 
DECLARATION substituted. 
A mere six months later, his faithful and loving wife Patty married 
Fredrick Goldman. 

Allowing for the time spent in custody -- a portion of such time 
normally applied to any prison sentence -- Marvin Glass (a man who would 
kill a partner over a minor disagreement, and was a key figure in the 
Chicago cocaine cartel) would have paid his debt to society by June 
1994. As it is, he was released from FMC in Fort Worth, Texas on the 
20th of October 1989. 
Originally facing cumulative sentences amounting to 210 years, Marvin 
Glass served approximately two years; this gave him five years of 
freedom in which to plan, arrange and deliver a very special ANNIVERSARY 
PRESENT celebrating the legal end of his sentence. 
Is it a coincidence that the son of the man who stole his wife died soon 

Knowing, and understanding the full power base of her ex-husband, Patty 
Glass and Fred Goldman relocate to California as soon after their 
wedding as circumstances will permit. For nearly eight years they live 
quietly with Fred's children, safely beyond the reach of Marvin Glass -- 
hoping AIDS will claim him before he is freed. 

In 1994, Ronald Lyle Goldman has proven himself to be a failure. He is a 
Hollywood wannabe Actor, without a SAG; a wannabe model, without an 
agent; unable to pay his parking tickets, his driver's license was 
revoked -- yet, in blatant disregard for the law, he drove borrowed 
cars; living beyond his visable means, he filed bankruptcy -- yet he had 
access to hundreds of thousands necessary to build an upscale resturant. 

When a vengeful man knows he's dying of an incurable disease, and wishes 
to reap vengence over the loss of a loved one, would he kill that person 
-- thus quickly sending them on ahead -- or would he want them too to 
suffer the loss of someone near to them? 

What do we really know about Fred Goldman? That is, beyond his ability 
to seek out the media -- until he no longer needed them; when the Civil 
Verdict was in, it was go away -- he backhandedly dismissed them with 
"Give us a break". 

We know this, his daughter Kimberly didn't even know what he did for a 
living -- she said as much on 20/20, and reiterated it in her sworn 
deposition. How could a daughter, raised by her father, NOT know what he 
does for a living? Unless it's something he wouldn't want anyone to 
We also know that Kimberly was more concerned with Ron's public 
reputation -- and by extension, her father's -- than killed her brother. 
We know that one Michael Nigg was a friend of Kimberly's from San 
We also know that NIGG could afford to drive a Mercedes, and live the 
associated lifestyle. 
We know Nigg moved to Los Angeles, befriended Ron, and got Ron the job 
at Mezzaluna. 
We know that, given global publicity of the type which makes eateries 
successful, the sharp increase in business caused Mezzaluna to close its 
We also know that Nigg was murdered -- shot in the head September 9th, 
1995 -- fifteen months after Ron and Nicole -- by a gunman who had a 
getaway car and driver. Coincidently, this corresponded with the defense 
presentation in the Simpson Matter. Clearly, this development hampered 
the defense ability to call Nigg as a witness. 
Curiously, another associate of Ronald Goldman, Brent Cantor -- music 
promoter and owner of The Dragonfly Club -- was stabbed to death. 
We know that soon after Glass was convicted, soon after Patty & Fred 
moved to Southern California, the flow of drug money to the region 
increased. By 1996, Southern California had become -- what the FBI 
labled -- the MONEY LAUNDERING CAPITOL of the United States. 
Interestingly enough, MONEY LAUNDERING in Southern California is heavily 
associated with music & video promotion, and the night club & resturant 
We know that those associated with Faye Resnick believed she had been 
the target the night of June 12th. And we also know that she was fearful 
for her life while Simpson was in jail, but only BEFORE her $200,000 
book advance was received. Could it be that she used the advance to 
payoff drug lords she was indebted to? 
We know that numerous individuals associated with Ronald Lyle Goldman 
ended up dead -- murdered. Statistically, too many for it to be 
Finally -- for this limited list -- we know that Fred Goldman has 
demonstrated an unlimited wealth -- wealth far in excess of any 
associated with OJ Simpson. Yet it only recently that he has been 
associated with any ligitimate sorce of income. Is Goldman a FRAUD? 
What seems to have gone unnoticed in the media -- another coincidence in 
a case riddled with them -- The murder of Roanld Lyle Goldman was, 
apparently, almost EIGHT YEARS to the day after the MARVIN GLASS was 
convicted. One might infer it was an ANNIVERSARY PRESENT for Fredrick 
Goldman and his wife PATTY. 

With that thought, or coincidence, in mind...
Let's us conjecture that the Killer was in MEZZALUNA on the evening of 
June 12th, 1994. Let us also conjecture that the killer was waiting for 
Ronald to compete his shift. Wouldn't it be interesting if he overheard 
the call from Nicole, and rather than follow Ron, seeking an opportunity 
to compete his assignment, let us suppose the Killer went to where he 
knew Ron would be. He simply went to Nicole's and waited. Unfortunately 
for Nicole, the buzzer wasn't functioning; this necessitated her 
emerging from her home and coming across the killer lying in wait. 
Forced to kill her, the murderer decides to leave, only to realize she 
wasn't dead. He returns to finish her, and -- as luck would have it -- 
Ron arrives. The killer finishes his assignment -- THE ANNIVERSARY 
PRESENT DELIVERED, the murderer simply strolls to the rear. 

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