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psychoceramics: The three Hs

Date:         Sun, 10 May 1998 02:14:36 -0400
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                                            Caveat Lector!

About unions and the world, I still believe that there are three H's --
Hilter, Hoffa and Hoover.  Hitler is in Cuba running the satanic-voodou 
coven cults to mind control the world, Hoffa is hold out in Toronto, 
manipulating the use of poisons to control the world through its food 
supply, and Hoover married Tesla, they represent the new morality and 
sexuality in Paraguay.  All of them are alive and well, communicating by 
in-body telepathy devices and using covens for
protection and for their immorality drugs.  The missing link is Freud -- 
he might
be playing Wizard of OZ as a duality-symbol -- next to Adolph in Cuba.
Last time I said something like this, I really did wind up with some 
MAJOR problems in Paris from two men who verbally and very seriously 
admonished me for even THINKING Adoph was still alive...and using Castro 
as his body guard.  OR maybe it is Freud down there...managing the MAIN 
affairs of state and bed.  I somehow believe when the
new messiah opens up, we still may not know who is the OZ guy...Judith

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